Skimo Racing in Poland, Stryn Rando 3000 and Lofoten Skimo in Norway: Eric and Stano travelling


Since Eric and I are staying longer in Europe than other North American skimo athletes we searched for some "out of the beaten path" races to … [Read more...]

Vertical Race – 2017 Skimo Worlds – Mar 1: Kilian Jornet and Andrea Mayr claim gold, John Gaston 11th and Kristi Knecht 15th for North America

Quinn Simmons (cadet) and Ian Clarke (junior) - both very talented cyclists trying their hand in skimo in the winter. Photo by Matt Reid.

Today, most of us were waiting whether Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg can pull off a double as a couple, or whether it will be Damiano's Lenzi … [Read more...]

Team Race – 2017 Skimo Worlds – Feb 26: USA women 4th, Lenzi wins another title, French women win without Laetitia Roux

Janelle and Jessie on the final descent. Photo by Mark Smiley.

Third day at the 2017 Ski Mountaineering World Championships brought another sunny day but thankfully it didn't get as hot as forecasted, thanks to … [Read more...]

When suffering is fun: Recap from first ever Skintrack skimo training camp


And just like that, after a 3-day blurry of workouts, adventure, presentations and loads of fun the first ever Skintrack training camp is over! … [Read more...]

Canadian team summer skimo training camp – Revelstoke, Sep 15-16, 2012


Since 2009 Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team have been meeting every September for our summer training camp. Previous camps were usually … [Read more...]

Game Changers 3-article series: Interesting ski tourers answer “What is the one event that changed or influenced the way you do (or approach) your ski adventures now?”

game changer even

After talking about gear game changers and people that influenced their skiing Greg Hill, Melanie Bernier, John Baldwin and Christina Lusti answer … [Read more...]

Game Changers 3-article series: Interesting ski tourers answer “Who is the one person that changed or influenced your ski adventures?”

pet lustenberger

Here are answers to the 2nd question of the Game Changer article series. I was able to put together a very representative group (in terms of their … [Read more...]

Game Changers 3-article series: Interesting ski tourers answer “What is the one piece of gear that changed or influenced your ski adventures?”

gear that changed your touring

I like to learn from people and about people because we are all unique characters. With some we have lots in common, with others only few things. But … [Read more...]

Chasing an old dream at Duffey: skiing Joffre, Matier, Slalok in 5h 58min

Duffey Lake speed traverse map - Joffre, Matier, Slalok.

I believe everyone has their mountain dream missions whether it be a ski traverse with friends, a steep line descent, or a new climbing route. … [Read more...]

Mount Cayley TR: long day, spring skiing, gong show, and supernatural Thunderbird

Mount Cayley, British Columbia

Have you ever heard of Mount Cayley? Because I haven’t until two weeks ago. Mt. Cayley is a stratovolcano … [Read more...]

How to choose the right length (and kind) of skimo racing poles for you

ski mountaineering racing world championships

Some time ago someone posted a question on Skintrack about ski poles for skimo/rando racing. It never got fully addressed. Recently, @peteyknight … [Read more...]

Face shots at ROAM Randonnee Rally – ski mountaineering race at Whitewater (Nelson, BC)

ROAM randonnee rally race course 1

With Whitewater’s excellent ski resort terrain, backcountry and an original vibe it is only logical that it hosts an event from Canada’s skimo … [Read more...]