Getting ready for the Power of Four: Only 2 weeks to go!


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Podcast Interview with Melanie Bernier: Lots of tips from her training for skimo racing, gear, nutrition…


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How to structure your day-to-day skimo training? Sharing personal experience and tips


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Guide to Overtraining for Mountain Athletes: What it is, Symptoms, Causes, Effects, Treatment, and Prevention


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Why you don’t need new very light gear right away, and my skimo gear progress


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On Skimo Racing Summer Training: Interview with Adam Campbell, professional mountain runner


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Measuring skimo racing success: Focus on small goals rather than results


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10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Skimo Racing


Uphill tips: Relax your shoulders, neck and face… or as much muscles as you can. Save your energy. Experiment with variety of strides on … [Read more...]

How to minimize effects of altitude on skimo racing performance – Tips for acclimatization for competition at altitude


This article has been written by Eric Carter and edited by Stano. Eric is a Phd student and a passionate skimo racer currently based in the Coast … [Read more...]

Hiko-run: Skimo racer’s best summer friend

hiko-run explained

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“Bread and butter” summer training for rando racing and speedier ski mountaineering: Endurance and Activity variety

Ski mountaineer's summer.

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Rando ski mountaineering (racing) transitions with Reiner Thoni

Ski mountaineering is as much about having fun as it is about efficiency. In fact, the more efficient you are the more time you can spend having fun. … [Read more...]