Skimo Racing in Poland, Stryn Rando 3000 and Lofoten Skimo in Norway: Eric and Stano travelling


Since Eric and I are staying longer in Europe than other North American skimo athletes we searched for some "out of the beaten path" races to attend. He ended up in Stryn, Norway and I went to Poland. Originally, I thought I would make … » full article

Recap of Stage 4 of 2017 Pierra Menta: Smiley & Young seal 4th overall, Gaston & Taam top 20, Lenzi & Eydallin and Roux & Forsberg victorious!

Third climb today provided fine Mont Blanc views!

Although today's stage could not have gone over the mythical Grand Mont summit, due to still elevated avalanche danger, the melt-freeze conditions allowed organizers to layout the stage just below, with athletes crossing Col de Forclaz … » full article

Recap of Stage 3 of 2017 Pierra Menta: Smiley & Young close to 3rd, Gaston & Taam 16th today, Carter & Nelson abondon

Magical view of the Mont Blanc massif today.

Overnight cooling, some light winds high up, and a 7am start allowed organizers to finally take the athletes into the alpine today. These conditions also delivered very breakable crust on the first 2 descents, however, by 9am the sun was … » full article

Recap of Stage 2 of 2017 Pierra Menta: Smiley & Young holding 4th, Gaston & Taam 12th today, Kilian Jornet forcing the pace, Emelie Forsberg is back

Filippo in last skins-off transition.

All that new powder snow racers were enjoying in Stage 1 yesterday turned into watery mush overnight as freezing level moved above 2500m. Rainy morning was quickly replaced by sunny skies and the challenge of the day was written on the … » full article

Recap for Stage 1 of 2017 Pierra Menta: Smiley & Young 4th in women, Carter & Elson 17th in men, Lenzi & Eydallin and Fiechter & Pont Combe win

Janelle Smiley leading Jessie Young on their way to 4th place today!

With almost a metre of fresh snow on the ground, local organizers had to revise their plans for stage 1 due to high avalanche danger. Thankfully, the stunning mountains and meadows surrounding Areches-Beaufort offer endless options for big … » full article

Preview of 2017 Pierra Menta: 8 North American Teams and Biggest Podium Favourites

Bon Mardion and Gachet in the 2015 edition.

The 32nd edition of the famed Pierra Menta is just around the corner - starting on Wednesday, March 8 - and currently, snow is accumulating very quickly in the area, even at low elevations! This is great news for all athletes that just … » full article

Relay Race – 2017 Skimo Worlds – Mar 2: Switzerland wins men, France wins women, USA and Canada no luck today

France's women winning team. ISMF photo.

Traditionally, last day of the Championships belongs to relay races which are always lots of fun as so many technical aspects of skimo and all transitions are packed into a 10min lap - consisting of 80m skinning, then descent, the skinning … » full article

Vertical Race – 2017 Skimo Worlds – Mar 1: Kilian Jornet and Andrea Mayr claim gold, John Gaston 11th and Kristi Knecht 15th for North America

Quinn Simmons (cadet) and Ian Clarke (junior) - both very talented cyclists trying their hand in skimo in the winter. Photo by Matt Reid.

Today, most of us were waiting whether Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg can pull off a double as a couple, or whether it will be Damiano's Lenzi third gold medal of these World Championships. At the end, neither scenario came to fruition … » full article

Sprint Race – 2017 Skimo Worlds – Feb 28: Quinn Simmons claims bronze for USA, Arnold and Galicia win senior titles

Emelie Forsberg and Claudia Galicia in the bottom boot-pack transition during women's final. Photo Matt Reid.

I apologize for the delay with a report from yesterday's sprints. I was scouting the vertical course, waxing some skis for our athletes, cheering, and helping Eric with skins after he qualified in the rainy weather. Today, I raced the … » full article

Team Race – 2017 Skimo Worlds – Feb 26: USA women 4th, Lenzi wins another title, French women win without Laetitia Roux

Janelle and Jessie on the final descent. Photo by Mark Smiley.

Third day at the 2017 Ski Mountaineering World Championships brought another sunny day but thankfully it didn't get as hot as forecasted, thanks to a thin cloud cover, and so there were perfect conditions for senior athletes to tackle … » full article

Junior & Cadet Individual Race – 2017 Skimo Worlds – Feb 25: Quinn Simmons 11th in cadets, Everyone gaining experience


Second day of racing at the 2017 Ski Mountaineering World Championships saw the future of skimo racing compete for medals today. With sunny skies back on the menu, and racing on shorter courses than the seniors, it wasn't any easier … » full article

Senior & Espoir Individual Race – 2017 Skimo Worlds – Feb 24: Lenzi and Roux win, John Gaston 15th and Jessie Young 13th for North America

Jessie Young (with a star on her chest) fighting for a good position briefly after the start with Janelle Smiley just behind her. Photo Mark Smiley - the famous mountain guide.

Today saw the first races of the 2017 Ski Mountaineering World Championships in Italy. Very thin snow-pack forced organizers to get extremely creative which resulted in very technical skin tracks and quite dangerous descents with lots of … » full article