Naked Running Band review: Simplicity meets functionality


Quick overview: Usual full price: about $39.00 USD Weight: 66 g size V (size 5) Pros: Simplicity, Function, Fit, Comfort, Breathable Cons: None really Suitability: Trail, mountain and road running for up to 2h (training … » full article

New Skimo Gear for 2015-2016 Season

La Sportiva Sideral 2.0

It’s that time of year when all the manufacturers are coming out with the newest products. Here we want to give you a quick overview of what is new this season. Frankly, it is a relatively quiet one, with very few truly new products. … » full article

Skimo Training Series: Training tips for September-October

Eric Carter and Melanie Bernier getting in some early "skinning" mileage.

September marks change of seasons in North America and Europe. One minute you are suffering through the heat of summer then the next it is end of the month and the first snow is dusting the high peaks. During the upcoming weeks, there are a … » full article

Copying Kilian Jornet is Likely Not Ideal for Our Performance and Health

If we can think of Performance (personal goals) and Health as consequences of the four factors in blue then we can see that health is more important than performance in the long run because it directly affects many aspects of the whole training process. (But pretty much everything is linked together whether directly or indirectly.)

This article is not only for mature and young athletes but for their parents as well. Without a doubt, Kilian Jornet has been the most influential figure in endurance mountain sports over the past decade. I don't know anyone that hasn't … » full article

Report: 3rd Annual SkinTrack Summer Training Camp

Part of our group marveling over nature's ability to create mysterious  creations.

Over the last weekend (Sep 4-6, 2015), we hosted the 3rd annual SkinTrack Summer Skimo Training Camp, with activities based around Whistler BC. The camped kicked off at Escape Route, a local outdoor store in Squamish, with a … » full article

Best Ski Trip Reports of 2014/2015 Season


Last year, we posted our picks for the best ski mountaineering trip reports from North America in the 2013/2014 season. We decided to do it again this year with the following criteria: a well written report with exciting photos and true ski … » full article

2015 Skimo Summer Training Camp


If you are reading this then you are invited :) We have decided to change things a little with basing one or two days around Whistler and beyond. This will provide us with new trails and mountain objectives. The camp will partly serve … » full article

20 Questions for Stevie Kremer: Training, Racing, Plans


Stevie Kremer is a Salomon Team athlete, a Crested Butte resident, and currently one of the fastest female mountain runners in the world. She is a skimo racer as well but her Skyrunning achievements brought her the most recognition in the … » full article

Mount Marathon 2015 Race Preview

Penny Assman falling down 'the cliffs' in one of the more serious accidents in the history of the Mount Marathon. Photo by Carol Griswold.

While the Mount Marathon Race in Seward Alaska is relatively unknown to most of the US and the world, it is a pillar of mountain running in Alaska. With a 80+ year history, it is one of (if not the) oldest mountain running races in North … » full article

Trofeo Mezzalama update: Eric Carter’s team placed 13th while Italians won


Here is a quick update I got Eric today after they finished Mezzalama. Photos are coming. The race went off despite only a 10h weather window between storms which the organizers nailed perfectly. Mezzalama lived up to its reputation of … » full article

Catching up with Eric Carter before Trofeo Mezzalama

Eric and Lars Erik atop Mont Blanc.

With Eric spending last couple of months skimo racing in Europe and waiting for the ever postponing Trofeo Mezzalama (newest date is May 2nd) I sent him a few quick questions to catch up. Coming off a successful Pierra Menta with Nick … » full article

Transitioning from Skimo to Summer Training


Spring arrives at different time in different years. Some of us finish the last race of the season in February or March and are ready to hang up the skis. Others, with sufficient snow or motivation, are able to push the ski season well into … » full article