Wyoming Rando Roundup Race Preview: Jan 10-11, 2015

Jackson Hole2014

In three weeks, Jackson, Wyoming will host the second major weekend of U.S. skimo racing. The Wyoming Rando Roundup is a two day triple-event hosted by the Jackson Hole Skimo Club at Grand Targhee Resort, Snow King Mountain, and Jackson … » full article

Podcast #4: JetForce avalanche airbag, AvaTech SP1 probe, Skimo gear


This episode features two interviews that discuss two new exciting products that will increase our safety in the backcountry. There is also a short intro discussing some of the lightest skimo racing gear that is currently … » full article

Dec 1-7 News Shorts: US Skimo Team qualifiers, Vert180 in Canada, Bernier’s big November, Jornet readying for Aconcagua

For more Irwin photos by Crested Butte Photography see a link further below.

With a new season under way, we are going to continue the weekly roundups that you got used to last winter but we are going away from the "Skimo Racing Roundup" name and will be calling it "News Shorts" as there are often other ski … » full article

US National Team Qualifying Events are Coming!


November 22nd saw the first race of the North American Skimo Racing calendar this year and things are shaping up to make for a highly competitive season! In the U.S., National Team Qualifying events begin in Colorado on December 6th. An … » full article

Podcast interview with Doug Sproul on creating a ski guidebook + discussing the Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing


Have you ever wanted a ski guidebook with 80% of pages being pictures with skin tracks and ski lines right on them? How about having Google Earth ski touring maps right on your smartphone? In today's podcast I went on to interview Doug … » full article

Book announcement: Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing is coming soon

Book cover sample

It has been over a year since Eric and I started working on an idea I have been thinking about for a while. Today, we would like to present you with a cool project we are just finishing and you will be able to get your hands on very … » full article

2015 Canadian Skimo Racing Calendar Preview


The 2015 Canadian skimo race calendar has been announced and here is a quick overview of each race, the course, and how last year unfolded and what to expect from this year. (Perhaps, expect some of these links to change as information … » full article

How to plan your skimo race strategy? And why it is good to have one?

Course knowledge and in-the-moment tactics were crucial at this race back in 2013. I tried to shake Ben Parsons couple of times but at the end he outsmarted me and won.

Announcement before a bigger announcement: This article is a sample piece of content from a bigger project that is about to come from the SkinTrack "garage". Since last summer, many pages have been written and videos have been filmed that … » full article

Review of Hydrapak SoftFlask: Practical little helper


Hydrapak SoftFlask quick overview: Usual full price: $13.99 USD Weight: 24 g (250ml Energy Flask) Pros: Light, Versatile, No Waste, Ease of Use Cons: Durability, Hydration Suitability: Rando racing, ski touring, ultra … » full article

Game changer: AvaTech SP1 snow profile probe and AvaNet data sharing platform


Today, I had great time recording a podcast session with folks from AvaTech - the company behind two totally new revolutionary products in the snow safety industry. The episode will be out in couple of days and will feature more gear … » full article

Arnold Schwarzenegger visits the 2nd SkinTrack fall skimo training camp


One year ago, to the weekend, we ran the first ever SkinTrack training camp with hopes of repeating it in the future.. Now, few days after the 2nd successful edition, Eric and I are super happy we got the chance to once again host a bunch … » full article

5th birthday for SkinTrack.com: Woohoo!


I don't want to write much but I would like to highlight the fact that around these days SkinTrack.com is celebrating its 5th birthday! I don't remember the exact date of the launch but I know I wrote couple of articles first, then wrote … » full article