Videos: Tour du Rutor challenging Pierra Menta for the most beautiful skimo stage race

Stage racing is a well known racing format in road cycling and mountain biking but not much in ski mountaineering world. I believe it is a great format for any endurance sport and especially a sport where we travel fast, over challenging terrain, with tons of views on high-traverse like routes.

Over the past weekend I paid attention to results from Tour du Rutor, a 3 day skimo stage race in Italy, and I want to share with you great videos the organizers put together from each stage this year.

Of course, Pierra Menta (4 days) in France is the biggest skimo stage race but it looks like Tour du Rutor is as beautiful.

I participated in Pierra Menta in 2010 with other Canadian Skimo Team members and learnt about Rutor that same year. Pierra Menta was hands down the best skimo racing experience I ever had but a year from the next edition I am thinking about the Rutor as well ;)

All videos from Tour du Rutor and Pierra Menta, both 2012

This is a true skimo racing porn – 3 stages from TdR and 4 from PM. You need only 38min to watch all 7 videos in one shot.

 Stage 1 – Tour du Rutor 2012

Stage 2 – Tour du Rutor 2012

Stage 3 – Tour du Rutor 2012

Stage 1 – Pierra Menta 2012

Stage 2 – Pierra Menta 2012

Stage 3 – Pierra Menta 2012 (over Grand Mont)

Stage 4 – Pierra Menta 2012

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  1. Actually, her own site has some cool info and photos too, and is in English!

    Happy skiing!

  2. Nina is in some of these videos. You see her running at the start, on the far runner’s right hand side in her fashionable ;) white and pink Chamonix ski alpinisme club suit. in fact check out our club site for some cool photos and info–in french.

  3. now you can find compilations for each 2012 race on you tube. Any candians coming for the Patouille des Glaciers? Looks like the weather will be good!

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Yes we raced the Pierra Menta in 2010, I think 4 teams, so 8 people. I think I can speak for all that in 4 days we learnt as much as in many years before :)

  5. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Have any Canadians participated in these events over the years?

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