Back on skis: Skiing new, Bailing on old, Winter camping…

Brad readying for next jump turn.

After being out of the ski game for much of November and December due to injury I eased into January with caution. I have to credit my good friend and … [Read more...]

Chasing an old dream at Duffey: skiing Joffre, Matier, Slalok in 5h 58min

Duffey Lake speed traverse map - Joffre, Matier, Slalok.

I believe everyone has their mountain dream missions whether it be a ski traverse with friends, a steep line descent, or a new climbing route. … [Read more...]

North Joffre Creek mini-traverse: Spring skiing and bush whacking

Peter fighting some serious flora to get us started.

This trip took place in Duffey Lake area in the southern part of Coast Mountains, Canada, during May 23-25, 2009. Duffey Lake backcountry skiing is a … [Read more...]