2014 Canadian Skimo Team Camp at Rogers Pass


This is a guest post from a recent Canadian Skimo Team training camp in Rogers Pass. I was unable to attend so I want to thank Peter Knight for the … [Read more...]

Summer Training – New Fastest Known Time on the Howe Sound Crest Trail

The Howe Sound Crest Trail mostly follows the ridge crest in this photo from the ferry.

On August 4th, 2014, Gary Robbins set a new fastest known time (FKT) on the Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) in Cypress Provincial Park. Twenty-eight … [Read more...]

New Fastest Known Time for Mount Rainier: Up and down in 3h 51min 40sec


This is pretty much old news now but for various reasons we have not been able to cover it for you yet. In short, couple of days ago, SkinTrack … [Read more...]

6h 34min: New speed record on the full Wapta Traverse by 1 hour!


Back in 2012 my two good friends and Canadian Skimo Team members, Melanie Bernier and Ian Gale, partnered together for what at the end happened to be … [Read more...]

Another Duffey Lake adventure: Duke Couloir, big cornice rappel, north face of Vantage Peak

Kind of like digging yourself into a crevasse.

As of two weeks ago, conditions around Duffey Lake seemed to make the final turn towards spring until the weather started acting up and proceeded to … [Read more...]

Back on skis: Skiing new, Bailing on old, Winter camping…

Brad readying for next jump turn.

After being out of the ski game for much of November and December due to injury I eased into January with caution. I have to credit my good friend and … [Read more...]

Best 6 Ski Mountaineering Reported Trips of 2012-2013 “season”

Uber happy Andy and Jason Dorais after setting the FKT on Rainier. (Photo from Jason's blog.)

The other day, on Twitter, Carl (@CarlKohnstamm) asked me for my opinion on "What are the top 5 ski mountaineering trip (reports) of 2012-13"? (It was … [Read more...]

First Tracks – Oct 2nd!

Bootpack to the summit ridge.

The Coast has been getting pounded with rain in the valley and snow in the alpine so I snuck out for a morning of skiing near Cypress Peak. We have … [Read more...]

China-Kyrgyz expedition, part 2: Beautiful Kyrgyzstan + Winds on Lenin Peak + Bishkek uncensored

The four of us - Lenin, Peter, Lenin Pk, and I.

Here is part two from our ski expedition to Muztagh Ata and Lenin Peak we went on last month. To read part one see here - Skiing thin air at Muztagh … [Read more...]

China-Kyrgyz expedition, part 1: Skiing thin air at Muztagh Ata + Kashgar culture adventures

Yaks don't do any porter work at Muztagh Ata, it's all camels and donkeys.

After almost 6 weeks of travelling, skiing and exploring in Central Asia I am back in Europe before flying back to Canada. What an amazing … [Read more...]

Going far and going high: Muztagh Ata in China + Lenin Peak in Kyrgyzstan


We need progression to fully enjoy life. To progress we need inspiration. To stay inspired we need to progress... Out of that thinking, and a … [Read more...]

Giving all: Mount Rainier on skis in 4h 19min 12sec

Nick and I midway to Camp Muir. Photo by Eric.

Every year, I am amazed with progress of speed oriented ski mountaineering in North America, whether that be the actual performances (racing or … [Read more...]