Hiko-run to Tomyhoi Peak via Yellow Aster Butte, WA

Running Tomyhoi Peak and Yellow Aster Butte

Just wanted to share an amazing spot for hiking and mountain running, or hiko-running. Spectacular views and mostly soft trails all day long. All you … [Read more...]

Chasing an old dream at Duffey: skiing Joffre, Matier, Slalok in 5h 58min

Duffey Lake speed traverse map - Joffre, Matier, Slalok.

I believe everyone has their mountain dream missions whether it be a ski traverse with friends, a steep line descent, or a new climbing route. … [Read more...]

Mount Cayley TR: long day, spring skiing, gong show, and supernatural Thunderbird

Mount Cayley, British Columbia

Have you ever heard of Mount Cayley? Because I haven’t until two weeks ago. Mt. Cayley is a stratovolcano … [Read more...]

Grand Teton: adventures are essential for skimo training… because every journey counts

Grand Teton winter sunrise, skinning in the morning.

This is a second article submitted by Melanie Bernier – an elite skimo racer and a pillar member of the Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team. … [Read more...]

Mount Baker, Cascade Mountains on Dec 10, 2011

Mount Baker

Long story short - Reiner and I did not summit even though that was the plan. It was possible and some other folks must have done it few days before … [Read more...]

Canucks in Andorra: Culture shocks, race engines tune ups, big traverse plans

Atop the highest peak on the race course, from left - Alex Wigley, James Minifie, Stano Faban.

First of all, I would like to thank all the people that are supporting me and other Canadian team members in our efforts to represent Canada at the … [Read more...]

Needle Peak (Coquihalla) and Rogers Pass conditions

Approaching Needle Peak.

Here is a brief report on conditions from Needle Peak (Coquihalla area) and Rogers Pass. On my way to Canmore I planned two stops - a quick ski at … [Read more...]

Cayoosh area, Duffey Lake: conditions as of Jan 10, 2010

Looking back. We skinned up on a ridge that runs from east to west and can be reached from a high logging road that starts at the parking lot.

Here is a quick news on how it looks for skiing at Duffey Lake area on the West Coast. During the past two weeks I did two trips to Cayoosh … [Read more...]

Alpaca Peak, Coquihalla: snow conditions and touring with John Baldwin

Looking south towards Zupjok Pk. The clouds kept coming and going.

Yesterday, December 19th, the weather forecast predicted a break in the recent storm cycle on the South Coast and five of us headed to Coquihalla area … [Read more...]

Rogers Pass: Canada Skimo Team’s second training camp ever


There is a very committed group of great people that are going to represent Canada at the World Ski Mountaineering Championships in Andorra this … [Read more...]

West Coast snow report: 2,5m deeeep


Early season conditions are long time gone. No one remembers them anymore. White fluffy stuff keeps fallin', So the brave can be rollin'. This … [Read more...]

Canada webcam snow report: west to east


After a week of flurries and rain at lower elevations the temperatures higher up were much colder and we can see some real snow now. Weather forecast … [Read more...]