Canada snow report: Rockies, Selkirks, Yukon, Coast

Early season snow report from the Canadian mountains says that some already ski, some are very close, and some are still riding bikes and … [Read more...]

Mount Baker Ski Area gets snow

Looking east towards Mt Shuksan from a pass north of Table Mt (above Iceberg Lake).

There is about 5-15cm of snow on various aspects at Mt Baker Ski Area. Not quite enough to really ski, however, there were some brave snowboard and … [Read more...]

North Joffre Creek mini-traverse: Spring skiing and bush whacking

Peter fighting some serious flora to get us started.

This trip took place in Duffey Lake area in the southern part of Coast Mountains, Canada, during May 23-25, 2009. Duffey Lake backcountry skiing is a … [Read more...]