Hiko-run to Tomyhoi Peak via Yellow Aster Butte, WA

Just wanted to share an amazing spot for hiking and mountain running, or hiko-running. Spectacular views and mostly soft trails all day long. All you need to do is search “Tomyhoi Peak” in Google Earth to find it.

Access is 7.5 km up the Twin Lakes logging road. The turn off is about 20km up the 542 Mt Baker Hwy from Glacier, WA. Normal 2-wheel drive vehicle will get you up there no problem.

Here is a quick 2min video to give you a point-of-view taste of this beautiful area. You can see Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan in some scenes. I shot it with my newly purchased GoPro Hero 2 camera after giving in to pressures of society:

This little map shows the trails I went on, retracing my route back to junctions and car:

Running Tomyhoi Peak and Yellow Aster Butte

This is a south-to-north view. The US-Canadian border runs just behind the Tomyhoi Peak - you can see the thin yellow line little bit.

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  1. Nice Video, Was up there two weeks ago. Trying to hit the trails around there every week.

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