Rogers Pass in fall light beauty + October snow dusting

Yesterday, after a shivering -4 C night in a 10+ C sleeping bag I got rewarded with what I hopped for – beautiful views over a lightly snow dusted Glacier National Park, BC.

For those that have been to Rogers Pass only in the winter or haven’t been at all these few pics should convince you to visit in summer or fall.

I hiko-runned-scrabled my favourite trail in the area, up and to the very end of Abbot Ridge. Just after 10am I was at the top, still enjoying the best light nature has to offer.

BTW, Abbott Ridge area is a permanently closed area in the winter, so your only chance for the below views is a snow-less season.

Rogers Peak and Swiss Peak morning light

7am light hitting Rogers and Swiss Peak.

Abbot Ridge

This could make for a nice hiking post card, missing the usual bear though. Left: looking to Mt Abbott from end of official trail, Right: looking back at the ridge from Mt Abbott (2465m).

Rogers Pass, Abbott Ridge

Random Rogers Pass beauty. Winter is slowly approaching.

Mount Sir Donald

Mount Sir Donald, with its spectacular climbing routes, is a deserved king of Glacier National Park. It was first climbed in 1890. The below 1902 photo, from Wikipedia, shows the Illecillewaet Glacier (to the right from Sir Donald) flowing all the way down to the valley. Now, it is about 400 vertical meters higher.

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