Dome and Youngs: Two Rogers Pass classics (as two trips or) in one bigger day

Yesterday, I skied two Rogers Pass descents I consider classics in terms of length, quality of skiing, and views – Dome Glacier and Seven Steps of Paradise off Youngs Peak.

Altogether, the day’s total climbing was 2930m which got me about 2600m of fine skiing.

But you can split this into two days. The approach will be the same (for the first hour or so), then up two separate sides of the big Asulkan valley. The vert for both will be similar, with Youngs Pk tour being more in length. As a one day tour it is about 23-25 km, as a two day it would be around 30 km.

Asulkan valley map - Dome and Youngs tour

Green shows up, red down.

The plan was not to ski both but one of them. However, after a great 1200m run from Dome Col back to the valley bottom Youngs Pk didn’t seem that far any more. And I realized that even its head wall would be in beautiful light in the afternoon.

Dome run

First lap from Dome Col. Green ascent, red descent behind a shoulder.


Second lap on Yougs Pk.

View from Youngs Pk.

Great views from Youngs Peak.

Snow conditions were settled powder, under about 2200 m, and mostly hard wind slab above that with occasional powder patches. Breakable crust/slab was very minimal.

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