Interview with Travis Brown and Peter Knight – two young Canadian skimo hopefuls

Travis and Peter on the summit of Mt Joffre in Alberta during their 11 hour mission. Details coming below.

On the European skimo racing scene 24-years old racers are not considered youngsters anymore but in North American skimo terms that's almost as young … [Read more...]

La Sportiva Syborg skimo race skis & boots: Affordable cousins to RSR & Stratos Cube


In the next couple of days, La Sportiva will unveil their new skimo race product line to the World - Syborg skis and Syborg boots - that should be … [Read more...]

Detailed review and direct comparison of Dynafit DyNA Evo vs Scarpa Alien 1.0 skimo racing boots

Scarpa Alien carbon vs Dynafit Evo

From mountains to pubs to bedrooms, currently, no other question dominates the skimo racing boots debate more than "How does DyNA Evo compare to … [Read more...]

Are skimo boots too expensive? Brief look at recent history of pricing and performance of the lightest ski mountaineering boots


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Why you don’t need new very light gear right away, and my skimo gear progress


In recent months I have received couple of questions about my ski mountaineering racing gear, specifically, how I lightened up over the years. To give … [Read more...]

New prototype boot in Scarpa Alien series

Scarpa Alien Revelstoke

It doesn't happen often that a big company like Scarpa lets slip out a product photo while it is only in a prototype stage. The first Scarpa Alien … [Read more...]