Jonathan Shefftz

Jonathan is a racer, race organizer and the ultimate ski mountaineering and rando racing gear detective. His first contribution to Skintrack came in September 2012 in form of research help for the lightest bindings comparison page. In the future, he will be contributing mostly with gear related topics such as reviews and comparisons.

Jonathan Shefftz resides in Western Massachusetts, which is actually more of an ideal skimo training locale than one might think, given the surprising number of ski resorts there and in nearby southern Vermont with friendly skinning policies, coupled with only relatively infrequent powder days to provide distractions from training.


On the summit of Glacier Peak, and at trail-head. | Getting ready to ski from the summit of Mt. Rainier.

He has been organizing a multiple-venue race series: … since 2009, and has wins at seven different venues.

When he is not measuring his young daughter’s foot size to see how many more cm she needs to grow to fit into the smallest available Tech-style ski boot, he is an avalanche safety instructor for the National Ski Patrol and American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education: … and is a Governing Board Member of the American Avalanche Association.

On rest days he earns a living as a financial economics consultant: … including testifying as an expert witness in state and federal courts.


Jonathan’s extensive quiver. | And his collection of light skimo gear as of 2013.


  1. LOVE this site! Look at it every day. Have been a Nordic and alpine ski racer for ever. Skimo puts them both together. Have been building a quiver and find the reviews insanely GREAT! Started with he Marker Duke on some atomics. Upgraded to AT boot and Atomic Backland 95s. Then got the PDG and finally, after reading all about Kilian, the Salmons which just crrrrush it!!!!!!!! You guys are doing a GREAT JOB for our sport!!!!!!!

    Getting over 7400 shares on LinkedIn about skimo. People LOVE it!

  2. Hi Jonathan, this is gonna sound so random, but I ran across a post of yours from several years ago that said you were trying to make a wind tunnel for your daughter. Well, I am trying to do the same thing for our Kindergarteners. Did you ever find the stiff, clear material to make the cylinder out of? I’m having a hard time finding that and thought you may be a good lead.
    Thanks much!
    kim alix
    Lower School Science Lab
    Providence Day School


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