Innovative Ski Mountaineering and Skimo Racing Gear for 2016/2017


Every year, manufacturers release fancy new gear to tantalize us. This is a selection of gear we think is innovative and probably worth having a look … [Read more...]

450 grams: New La Sportiva Stratos Hi-Cube Skimo Racing Boots


"How much lighter can they get? How much longer to 300 grams?" That's what I keep asking myself every year now since new superbly light skimo boots … [Read more...]

Luke Nelson interview: father of two, mountain runner, and the 2012 US ski mountaineering champion

Luke Nelson after UTMB.

A father of two, Luke Nelson is the reigning US ski mountaineering champion. On top of that (or before that) he is an accomplished mountain runner. … [Read more...]

Janelle Smiley: Interview with the 2012 North American Ski Mountaineering Champion

Janelle Smiley climbing on skis.

Janelle Smiley is someone I wanted to interview for a long time now. She can’t be simply described as a skimo racer despite the fact she is the … [Read more...]

La Sportiva Stratos Cube – lightest skimo boot in the world!

La Sportiva Stratos Cube photo

A post about new La Sportiva Stratos³ Cube appeared here on Skintrack couple of weeks ago but had to be taken down on request from La Sportiva due to … [Read more...]

Introducing the lightest ski mountaineering boots


Trend towards lighter gear in any mountain and outdoor sport is obvious. It was, is, and will be going on at every stage of gear development. Light … [Read more...]