Exclusive interview with Max Taam and John Gaston: On training, gear and life with a team that dominated the 2013 US skimo racing circuit

John Gaston (left) and Max Taam holding on to the lead in teams at 2013 Wasatch Powder Keg.

There must have been very few people in the skimo racing community that would have picked Max Taam and John Gaston to dominate last season’s … [Read more...]

Luke Nelson interview: father of two, mountain runner, and the 2012 US ski mountaineering champion

Luke Nelson after UTMB.

A father of two, Luke Nelson is the reigning US ski mountaineering champion. On top of that (or before that) he is an accomplished mountain runner. … [Read more...]

“Bread and butter” summer training for rando racing and speedier ski mountaineering: Endurance and Activity variety

Ski mountaineer's summer.

I would never believe that my first thought would be about training when waking up today, then closely followed by thoughts exclusively only about … [Read more...]

Transcript from a live Twitter interview with Reiner Thoni (North American ski mountaineering champion)

Reiner Thoni interview

The following is a transcript from a live interview we did (@Skintrack) with Reiner Thoni (@ReinerThoni) on February 20, 2012 using Twitter. It was a … [Read more...]

2012 North American Rando Ski Mountaineering Championships in Crested Butte

This is article was submitted by Melanie Bernier – an elite skimo racer and a member of the Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team. Read her … [Read more...]