New carbon ski boot: LaSportiva Stratos / Discussion about different carbon boots

With some plain luck, I found this YouTube video that introduces the new LaSportiva Stratos carbon ski boot.

Before, there were only some images available along with some technical information. Now the picture gets clearer. The ski boot seems quite sophisticated, therefore the expectations will be high.

Take a look at the video and some basic information about the LaSportiva Stratos that were posted on SkinTrack couple of weeks ago.

You are welcome to post your reactions in the comments below. Mine is – WOW.

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  1. As far as sizing for Pierre Gignoux’s go, what worked well for me and Nina and what Pierre recommends is to measure your foot in centimeters for the boot size. My feet measured 27.5 cm and I went with a 27.5 boot. Nina was a 24.5 which fit her well too. I dont know much about the outer sole length, but do know many binding maufacuterers now make a plate for the heel piece that allows the heel to slide back and forth and only adds 20 grams or so.

  2. Joey, thanks for the info about sole lengths for PG boots and comparing them to other boots. It is important to share this as people that want to order them are somewhat left wondering about the sizing they should go with.

    Also, I just published Micheal Silitch’ “Look behind the scene” experience from Pierre Gignoux workshop, featuring great photos:

  3. Joey Dempster says:


    The sole lengths of all the PG sizes are listed here:

    2nd page, table in the lower right hand corner labelled “tailles” and “longueur”. The “longueur” is the length from the front pins to the end of the heel of the boot. The DyNA is actually pretty close, with with the 28.5 DyNA being approx. 294mm, vs. 292mm for the 27.5 PG. If you mount your fixed position bindings just right, it could work, but not optimally for either boot. Also, the 28.5 DyNA and 27.5 PG fit the same.

    A personal update (it’s been a while): I ended up getting a pair of xp444 in late January. It seems that the order form I filled out last October was actually honored, even though I didn’t send money with it (I couldn’t figure out how to send money as there were no instructions on the website). One day an email arrived from Pierre himself saying “your boots are ready, they will be sent when payment is received.”

    So I have been on mine for about 4 or 5 weeks now, including one race. They are awesome. It took me quite a while to dial them in, including grinding down the carbon in a few places, but now they are very comfortable, light (of course), and ski downhill very nicely indeed.

    As an aside, I need to sell my F1 carbons now. I would like to keep both, but that seems excessive, even for me! I have them listed at the Telemarktips “tele turnaround” forum if anyone is interested. They are size 29.

  4. Just did a WC race and there wasnt 1 Dyna boot in the entire race! About 90% of the ISMF atheltes had PG boots with a few scarpas and the odd Sportiva

  5. Auick note on DyNA durability: so far I have just under 52,000 vertical on mine, spread out over 14 outings. (Yes, doing the math, lots of little ski tours.) roughly split between backcountry tours on Manaslu and ski area skinning for groomers on cheap old Atomic MX:20 race skis. So far, absolutely zero durability issues, outside of that little weird sort of problem I noted in my WildSnow review regarding how sometimes the right upper cuff buckle doesn’t quite lock in properly unless I carefully ensure that the little latch is pressed in correctly (which takes only a few seconds).

  6. If anyone is looking for a pair of F1 Carbon Boots in size 27 I have a brand new pair for sale on ebay;

  7. Hi Michael,
    thanks for the reply. Can I ask how the PG’s are sized is it 26.5=27 (as the F1) or 27=27.5 (as Dynafit).
    I am interested and knowing this will let me see if the boot will fit my race bindings.
    Also is there any main point of weakness you could possibly flag up if looking at a second hand pair from the net. I see a few pairs over the last year selling for around €800, but this is still a lot of cash if they fail and you have no warranty. I am still kinda keen on the F1 carbon but can’t help thinking they are an interim measure while scarpa sort their act out so the XP mountain looks more attractive.

    Thanks again


  8. Hi Simon,
    Well, I’m 49 and cant always keep up with my world cup wife, so I do like the lightweight for climbing for sure, but still feel they out perform on the descent. I’ve not heard of cold affected the strength, Nina has damaged hers before, but never tour ending damage. The rubber rand seems like it would protect well from rocks. On the other hand I’ve recently seen the heel lever pin on F1′s slide out and become almost tour ending.

    We ordered on line (measure foot length in cm). Plan ahead as there is quite a wait. I want to get a pair of the mountain version for haute route tours! I have been to his shop a couple times as well.

    Let us know if you ever come up to tour in Chamonix!

  9. Thanks Michael,

    I’m in the the Ecrins, Pelvoux. Yes I had considered the XP mountain as a more durable option. I have no first hand experience of them, but do see people in them week in week out. I have always been a little worried about the stories of the lower shell cracking in really cold conditions when hitting rock etc.

    I must admit that overall weight is not my main concern, I am a bit of a plodder and the wrong side of 40 to be thinking of glory, but more interested in saving time and surviving some of the bush whacking descents.

    Did you visit Pierre in Grenoble for a fitting or complete the purchase on line?



  10. Hi Simon,

    Where are you based? I am in chamonix. My wife and I have the Pierre Gignoux’s and she has trained and raced in the same pair EVERY DAY for three years straight. Everything from long day tours in the high mountains (col de chardonnet, col d’entreve, col de crochue berard, col du passon, etc, etc to lots of training). I guess what I am saying is you can ski this boot all winter. Stepahn Brosse just skied some super steep first descents in it with Pierre Tardivel. And the great thing is that it is super stiff for the descents, yet tours like a xc ski boot. Going down it is noticably stiffer than the F1 (i’ve owned both) and I would also say stiffer than most even beefy freeride tour boots. We have had to get new buckles and tongues on the PG boots from time to time, but no big deal. PG also makes a “mountain” boot with a rubber rand for added durability. So rethink the PG boot :)

  11. Hi all, I have read through this post in great detail as I am trying to decide between the new F1 and the DYna. I read with great interest the detailed comparison by Travis Scheefer on the 2 boots however did notice that he had only skied the DYna. I am conscious that most people having departed with a months salary will usually defend their purchase, this is natural. So, has anyone out there actually skied both boots and can give a direct comparisonhow one skis/skins compared to the other?

    I myself am keen to choose the boot that will be able to ski all season and not just racing. I have trab WC race skis which I ski most of the time, but would like the boot to handle something at least as big as my seven summits I have skied the old F1 with the seven summit on perfect spring snow during long tours but found as the day got longer and the snow more difficult the boot required a lot more muscle to get it turning. Do any users think the F1 carbon would be up to this task, and do you believe it tough enough to be used day in, day out?

    I am living in the French Alpes and could with a bit of searching pick up a set of PG’s but I know I wouldn’t be able to ski them daily, so its either one of the above.

    One last question, is the lower shell sized identically sized to the last years F1 as I think I would ski the same size and swap liners. I was thinking of getting a super light liner from PG later as they still have the thickness of the older scarpa liners.

    Many thanks for any info in advance,


  12. Tony: ya, I’ve heard really good things about the DyNA. I thought about getting it instead of a race specific boot but went for the extra weight saving in the end. As a mountaineering tool and occasional race boot I think it is the way to go. It just feels more durable than my Scarpas when I hold it. That said, it is nearly 1kg and definitely not a World Cup race piece. Keep the comments about the boot coming as the season rolls out. If the price drops next season, this may be my new “fast mountain” boot!

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