Skimo Sprint Racing Training Plan

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Sprint and Speed Development Training Plan:
Improve Your Speed and Technique For Sprint Races and Beyond

Based on feedback from athletes, we created this unique sprint and speed development training plan around 16 key interval workouts to be completed over an 8-week period.

This plan focuses on very specific sessions that will help you improve your speed, strength, technique, skills and efficiency – and not only for sprint races.

Unlike our 12-week Novice and Intermediate plans that prescribe specific training for each day, you will be able to “plug” these 16 specialized workouts into your already existing training, or you can design your own weekly schedules around them.

Sample Workout

Besides 16 on-skis workouts, like the sample below, this training plan contains 14 strength development workouts as well.

Intervals: 2x 8min of 30/30sec

Goal & Focus: Leg Speed Turnover and Technique
Terrain: Mostly flat or slight uphill, on-piste
Overall Time: 65 min
Description: Do a 20min warm-up on uphill or flat. This is a fast “30sec on and 30sec off” workout to focus on kick and glide, and high frequency leg turnover. Priority is to maintain good technique and stride through the entire workout. Rest 8-10min between the two sets…

Who is this training plan for? Which athletes will benefit the most?

This training plan was designed for moderate-to-highly competitive ski mountaineering racers who want to focus primarily on sprint events, or would like to develop their speed, strength and technical skills for individual races.

The plan is ideal for an athlete that is already training at least 8 hours per week and has access to on-snow training at least three days a week.

Flexibility of this plan – by providing two very defined high-intensity interval workouts for each week – makes it also suitable for those looking for direction only in key workouts, instead of following a daily training schedule.

Using this plan with our “Manual For Ski Mountaineering Racing” e-book

More experienced skimo athletes, racing at least two seasons, should be able to integrate the 16 key workouts in this plan into their existing training schedule without much difficulty.

Less experienced skimo racers, or those coming from other sports, will most benefit from this plan in combination with our Manual For Ski Mountaineering Racing e-book for these reasons:

  • To gain better understanding of endurance training principles as a whole,
  • To plan their training weeks more effectively,
  • To learn proper technique for various skimo transitions,
  • And to understand our skimo specific strength workouts.

To provide you with the best value, each of our training plans can be purchased as a packaged product at a discounted price: Skimo Manual + training plan of your choice. To buy this plan as part of a package visit this page.

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