New Training Plan Release: 8-Week Sprint and Speed Development Training Plan

While our social media accounts were dormant over the Christmas, we were working hard on finishing our newest 8-week skimo training plan!

Eric and I did lots of thinking in the fall and we decided to create a different kind of a training plan.

Unlike our 12-week Novice and Intermediate plans, that prescribe specific training for each day, with our Sprint and Speed Development Plan you will be able to “plug-and-play” 16 specialized interval and technique workouts into your already existing training. Alternatively, you can design your own weekly schedules around them.

This new plan also features 14 detailed skimo specific strength training workouts to further maximize your speed gains.



Is this plan only for sprint races?
Why there are no daily workouts?

Originally, we set out to design a training plan specifically for sprint races and follow the traditional format of prescribing daily sessions over a period of weeks.

Regularly including various technical aspects of skimo racing in your workouts is crucial to your improvement.

Regularly including various technical aspects of skimo racing in your workouts is crucial to your improvement.

But we changed our mind half way through the creation process for three reasons as we realized this plan can have much more application than for the pure sprinters.

Reason #1:
20% of workouts create 80% of improvement:

While it’s not enough to train only 2 days a week to keep improving over long period of time, there really are only 2-3 key sessions each week that will deliver you the majority of results.

With that experience in mind, we decided to provide you with two highly detailed key workouts per week, and give you guidelines on how to design the rest of the week around your personal schedule.

You can complete the 16 on-skis workouts in this plan over an 8-week period, and you can keep using them into the future as you will have a “library” of very specific skimo sessions at your disposal.

Reason #2:
Specific and focused training is the most efficient way to improve overall:

Sprint events are the shortest of all skimo disciplines but they are the most difficult to prepare for in order to deliver a consistent performance.

Highly focused workouts, including both intervals and technique, are required as the sprint event packs all aspects of skimo in only a 3-4 min race.

This type of training transfers well into longer races too.

Reason #3:
High-intensity sessions greatly benefit even long distance athletes:

While interval workouts designed around Zone L3 (your anaerobic threshold) are essential to improve performance for longer races – such as individual, vertical and teams race – there is lots of sport science research that proofs mixing them with even higher intensity sessions will be more efficient use of your time.

Your body needs a variety of stress to keep improving if you don’t want to get stuck at a plateau, or when you have limited time to train but still want to progress.

Sample workout from the plan

Intervals: 2x 8min of 30/30sec

Goal & Focus: Leg Speed Turnover and Technique
Terrain: Mostly flat or slight uphill, on-piste
Overall Time: 65 min
Description: Do a 20min warm-up on uphill or flat. This is a fast “30sec on and 30sec off” workout to focus on kick and glide, and high frequency leg turnover. Priority is to maintain good technique and stride through the entire workout. Rest 8-10min between the two sets…

Learn more

To learn more about this newest plan visit 8-Week Skimo Sprint and Speed Development Training Plan.

If you are interested in our Manual For Ski Mountaineering e-book as well as this plan then check out this package page to get a special price.

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