How to make a ski hook for rapid backpack skis attachment?

These add up to 18 cm for one end, so 36 cm in total. I went with 4 cm extra to account for the curves and curls. It worked perfectly.

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Hydration & Overhydration in Endurance Sports: Book Review of Waterlogged by Tim Noakes


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Getting ready for the Power of Four: Only 2 weeks to go!


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Podcast Interview with Melanie Bernier: Lots of tips from her training for skimo racing, gear, nutrition…


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How to structure your day-to-day skimo training? Sharing personal experience and tips


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Why you don’t need new very light gear right away, and my skimo gear progress


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On Skimo Racing Summer Training: Interview with Adam Campbell, professional mountain runner


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Measuring skimo racing success: Focus on small goals rather than results


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10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Skimo Racing


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How to minimize effects of altitude on skimo racing performance – Tips for acclimatization for competition at altitude


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Hiko-run: Skimo racer’s best summer friend

hiko-run explained

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“Bread and butter” summer training for rando racing and speedier ski mountaineering: Endurance and Activity variety

Ski mountaineer's summer.

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