Ski Mountaineering Manual + Skimo Racing Training Plan

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Sprint and Speed Skimo Training Package:
- Manual For Ski Mountaineering Racing
- 8-Week Sprint & Speed Development Training Plan

For those that wish to buy both our Skimo Manual e-book and the Sprint and Speed Development training plan, we combined the two resources into a single file package for a special price:

$75 instead of $94 if bought separately

The Skimo Manual e-book (over 100 pages + videos) is a small bible about the sport of skimo racing, containing a lot of resources and tips to help you improve your technique, transitions and racing strategy. It also discusses gear and explains in great detail the physiology of endurance training in relation to skimo. Part of the training chapter contains an extensive skimo specific strength routine.

The 8-week Sprint and Speed Development Training Plan (15 pages) focuses on very specific sessions that will help you improve your speed, strength, technique, skills and efficiency – and not only for sprint races. We created this unique skimo training plan around 16 key interval workouts that you can complete over an 8-week period, or design your own weekly schedules around.

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