March 1-14 Skimo Racing News Shorts: Powder Keg, Five Peaks, Pierra Menta, Skimo East

Photo: Stephenie Cote

It was a busy two weeks of racing in North America and Europe! Read on to if you have missed anything. » For previous weekend's racing news see … [Read more...]

News Shorts: Powder Keg, US Nationals, Pierra Menta

One of the super climbs today.

The last two weekends were full of skimo racing action on both sides of the Atlantic. While many of the best US racers fought during 3-day long … [Read more...]

Andrew McLean interview: North America’s Skimo Pioneers Series


This interview kicks off a series of quick 5-question interviews with people that can be definitely considered North America's skimo … [Read more...]

2014 SkiMo Racing Videos: Pierra Menta, Tour du Rutor, Wasatch Powder Keg, Grand Traverse, Sella Ronda, World Cup


Around this time every year I spend some time on YouTube searching for the best videos and short films from the world's skimo races. Since the skimo … [Read more...]

2014 Wasatch Powder Keg aka North American SkiMo Champs: 3 Days of Fast Racing over Challenging Courses


Hosted at Brighton Ski Resort, UT the Wasatch Powder Keg has long been on To-Do lists of many people and it seemed like all of us 1st timers showed up … [Read more...]

March 1-2 Weekend Skimo Racing Roundup


World Cup This weekend marked the second to last World Cup race of the season at Les Diablerets in Switzerland, dominated by Spaniard Kilian Jornet … [Read more...]

2013 Wasatch Powder Keg: 3 races in 3 days, Mar 8-10

Wasatch Powder Keg 2013 skimo race

The growth of the Wasatch Powder Keg into a three day event this year is a clear signal that more and more people fall in love with ski mountaineering … [Read more...]