Live Twitter interview with Reiner Thoni at 7pm Sunday, Feb 19

Update (Feb 20):

Big thanks to everyone for following or participating in the interview with Reiner last night. A transcript of a shorter version from this session will be posted on Skintrack in couple of days.

Prize winners – the two guys that will get the light snow shovels for submitting a question are @JeremyRietmann and @AndrewJPinfold.

Listen in and learn with the fastest skimo man in North America.
+ Tweet us your questions and win a prize.
See how to participate below.

Reiner Thoni racing in Andorra skimo World Champs 2010.

Only learning yet already strong. Racing the vertical at World Champs in Andorra 2010.

This will be a nontraditional interview taking place on Twitter – each question must fit within one tweet and be such that Reiner can answer within two tweets max ;)


On Twitter starting at 7pm PST on Sunday, Feb 19, 2012.
7pm Pacific Time => 8pm Mountain Time and 10pm Eastern Time.

Why you should definitely follow this

By following the tweet interview you will get some great tips and learn about Reiner as well.

Besides the fact that he is the fastest ski mountaineering racer in North America – won the Canadian and US Championships the last two years – he is a much more interesting character than that.

» Previous racing 101 with Reiner - Video ski mountaineering transitions.

Reiner Thoni powder skiing.

Enjoying great powder around his beloved Valemount, BC.

Now we will talk about:

  • being fast in the mountains
  • skimo racing
  • food and diet since Reiner is a life-long vegan
  • his interesting and sometimes amusing life style
  • some of his adventurous mountain missions

How can you participate + win a prize

  1. Sign up to follow Skintrack on Twitter now. Already a follower? Then just read below.

  2. Tweet us (@skintrack) your questions before Sunday 6pm – hour before we start.
    4 basic rules:
    - send in your tweet (question) with @skintrack at the beginning
    - each question must fit within one tweet which is actually no problem (140 characters long)
    - answers will be maximum two tweets long, be creative and ask questions that can be answered in 280 characters ;)
    - longer questions or those that require a longer response will be answered later on this page
  3. Win a prize – by following @skintrack on Twitter and tweeting us your questions two people will win a light snow shovel that is suitable for fast mountain missions and even fits in tiny skimo racing backpacks – Ortovox Economic I snow shovel.
    The winners will be chosen by Reiner and Skintrack based on the “most creative short and sweet question”.
Ortovox economic snow shovel

Two people will win one of these shovels. Shipping within continental North America is on us.

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