Report & Results for Jay Peak VT and Owl’s Head QC + Preview for Magic VT


The following report was submitted by our East Coast SkinTrack correspondent Jonathan Shefftz. After the March 2 100-percent backcountry race Mount … [Read more...]

Report: 2014 Berkshire East Rando Race welcomes Nina Silitch


The following write-up was sent in by our East Coast SkinTrack connection Jonathan Shefftz, who has been organizing the North East Rando Race Series … [Read more...]

Back in the USA: Interview with Nina Silitch, the most successful North American skimo racer

Nina got very close to capturing gold at the 2013 World Ski Mountaineering Championships. Only her mistake bumped her to 2nd.

I interviewed Nina Silitch back in April, 2012 after she won a World Cup skimo race as the first North American ever. It was a sprint event in Tromso, … [Read more...]

Nina Silitch interview: Skimo racing mom gets the first ever ski mountaineering World Cup win for North America

Nina Silitch sprinting.

On April 5th I congratulated Nina (via her blog) on a great racing season and asked whether she would consider an interview for Skintrack. A day later … [Read more...]