Best Ski Trip Reports of 2014/2015 Season


Last year, we posted our picks for the best ski mountaineering trip reports from North America in the 2013/2014 season. We decided to do it again this … [Read more...]

Interview with under-the-radar Trevor Hunt: About light gear and steep skiing on the Coast and beyond

As close to revealing himself as it gets.

I don't get stoked easily, but I am totally psyched to bring you this interview because Trevor Hunt skis literally the gnarliest shit on almost ski … [Read more...]

Best 6 Ski Mountaineering Reported Trips of 2012-2013 “season”

Uber happy Andy and Jason Dorais after setting the FKT on Rainier. (Photo from Jason's blog.)

The other day, on Twitter, Carl (@CarlKohnstamm) asked me for my opinion on "What are the top 5 ski mountaineering trip (reports) of 2012-13"? (It was … [Read more...]