30 questions for Karl Egloff: The new Aconcagua speed climb record holder


Today, I am very pleased to bring you an interview with Karl Egloff, the new Aconcagua speed climb record holder with a time of 11h 52min! He kindly … [Read more...]

Andrew McLean interview: North America’s Skimo Pioneers Series


This interview kicks off a series of quick 5-question interviews with people that can be definitely considered North America's skimo … [Read more...]

Lindsay Plant (USA): Skimo Racer Profile Interview

Lindsay Plant raced strong today. Photo by ISMF.

We caught up with Lindsay Plant, the leader of the Team USA at the 2015 Skimo World Championships and asked her a few questions about her training and … [Read more...]

Interview with Founders of The Summit Skimo Club in Colorado


In recent year or two, a couple of non-profit skimo clubs have emerged throughout the US and so we have decided to interview the people behind them to … [Read more...]

Podcast interview with Doug Sproul on creating a ski guidebook + discussing the Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing


Have you ever wanted a ski guidebook with 80% of pages being pictures with skin tracks and ski lines right on them? How about having Google Earth ski … [Read more...]

Interview with Travis Brown and Peter Knight – two young Canadian skimo hopefuls

Travis and Peter on the summit of Mt Joffre in Alberta during their 11 hour mission. Details coming below.

On the European skimo racing scene 24-years old racers are not considered youngsters anymore but in North American skimo terms that's almost as young … [Read more...]

Interview with Tom Goth – the 2014 US SkiMo National Champion – on inspiration, training and gear

Despite a lackluster winter in the Wasatch, there was still some fun steep skiing to be had late season. Photo by Jason Dorais

Few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out who to approach for the next SkinTrack's interview when I thought of Tom Goth. I thought of him because I … [Read more...]

Racer Profile – Meredith Edwards (USA)

mere race

Meredith Edwards is a fellow Dynafit USA athlete based out of Jackson Hole but currently spending a season racing in Europe. She is the lone athlete … [Read more...]

Listen up: Interview with Melanie Bernier on CBC Radio!

Melanie on the World Cup podium (right side) after placing 3rd in a sprint in Feb 2014.

Here you can listen to Melanie Bernier's five minute telephone interview on Canada's main station - the CBC Radio - from this morning. This is another … [Read more...]

Training and gear for Gore-Tex Grand Traverse: Interview with Jon Brown

Usual gear for the Grand Traverse. Read to interview to learn all specs.

Once known as the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse, I learned about this race in 2003 and wanted to attend it ever since. With other commitments lined up … [Read more...]

Back in the USA: Interview with Nina Silitch, the most successful North American skimo racer

Nina got very close to capturing gold at the 2013 World Ski Mountaineering Championships. Only her mistake bumped her to 2nd.

I interviewed Nina Silitch back in April, 2012 after she won a World Cup skimo race as the first North American ever. It was a sprint event in Tromso, … [Read more...]

Podcast interview with Chad Brackelsberg on Wasatch Powder Keg, race organizing, racing


I didn't think the second episode of SkinTrack podcast would come so soon but the opportunity was there so why not. Now, after the interview with … [Read more...]