Report: 2015 Mondole World Cup – Elson, Bernier and Carter raced for North America

Nick Elson racing to 22nd in the vertical race.

Report by Eric Carter, edits by Stano Faban, all photos by ISMF. The Prato Nevoso venue for the World Cup finals was an exciting one. Being very … [Read more...]

2015 Pierra Menta In-Depth Race Report by Eric Carter

Running through the streets of Areches.

This is an in-depth report from Eric about his and Nick Elson's amazing journey to 15th place at Pierra Menta few weeks ago. I have had a few … [Read more...]

Videos from 2015 Pierra Menta

Today's stage took racers much higher in the Rhone Alpe region.

I thought it would be great to have videos from all four stages of the 30th Pierra Menta archived on one page so here they are. They might be … [Read more...]

News Shorts: Powder Keg, US Nationals, Pierra Menta

One of the super climbs today.

The last two weekends were full of skimo racing action on both sides of the Atlantic. While many of the best US racers fought during 3-day long … [Read more...]

Stage 4 – 2015 Pierra Menta: Carter & Elson 15th overall, Bon Mardion & Gachet and Forsberg & Mollaret won the final stage

Big crowds came out to see today's stage. Photo by Jocelyn Chavy.

Since the 2015 Pierra Menta started on Wednesday, instead of traditionally on Thursday, the usual Saturday's stage over and around Grand Mont was the … [Read more...]

Stage 3 – 2015 Pierra Menta: Carter & Elson 15th, Lenzi & Eydalin won again, Roux & Miro as well

Nick and Eric raced super well today to finish at 15th.

Today's stage went around Pierra Menta, the peak, and is traditionally the longest stage of the race. Stage 3 Top 3 men finished in the same … [Read more...]

Stage 2 – 2015 Pierra Menta: Italians win again, Roux & Miro dominating, Carter & Elson 18th, Bernier 6th

Today's stage took racers much higher in the Rhone Alpe region.

Today saw the second day of the 30th Pierra Menta. It brought a much longer stage than yesterday and so the time differences were bigger as … [Read more...]

Stage 1 – 2015 Pierra Menta: Carter & Elson 20th, Bernier 7th, plus others

Nick Elson with Eric Carter today at Pierra Menta. Photo by Andrea Kuba.

Today was the first day of the 2015 Pierra Menta. Usually, the PM starts on a Thursday but because this is the 30th edition the organizers shuffled … [Read more...]

4 Questions for Melanie Bernier before the 30th Edition of the Famous Pierra Menta

Melanie Bernier

With Pierra Menta, the famous four day skimo race, approaching swiftly I figured it would be great to catch up with Melanie Bernier as she is readying … [Read more...]

News Shorts: Aspen’s Power of Four, NA racers in Marmotta Trophy World Cup, Upcoming races

Laetitia Roux going for another gold in World Cup last weekend.

Audi Power of Four, Aspen (Feb 28, 2015) Quickly growing into the biggest skimo race in North America, the Power of Four is already a Colorado … [Read more...]

30 questions for Karl Egloff: The new Aconcagua speed climb record holder


Today, I am very pleased to bring you an interview with Karl Egloff, the new Aconcagua speed climb record holder with a time of 11h 52min! He kindly … [Read more...]