2015 Skimo Summer Training Camp


If you are reading this then you are invited :)

We have decided to change things a little with basing one or two days around Whistler and beyond. This will provide us with new trails and mountain objectives.

The camp will partly serve as the fall training camp for Canadian National Skimo Team but most importantly it will also be open to public.

Not a skier? No problem! This will be a trail running focused camp so trail, mountain, and ultra runners are encouraged to join us!

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Quick overview

  • Training for 3-4 days around Squamish and Whistler, BC  with fellow skimo racers and members of the USA and Canadian national teams.
  • Dates are September 4-7, 2015.
  • Activities will mainly involve trail running, light mountaineering, with cycling, swimming and roller-skiing as options as well.
  • Costs will be kept to minimum as we as organizers (Eric and Stano) are fully volunteering our time.
  • Optional Vertical Mountain Running race at Whistler Blackcomb!
  • We are really excited for our Escape Route evening presentation by the one and only Trevor Hunt!
  • Couple of generous sponsors will keep us fueled, geared up and tired.

Sign up for updates

As we are finalizing the exact schedule, please sign up below to keep you updated.

* Also, include information such as:

  • for which days you would like to join,
  • which activities (running, roller skiing) you cannot participate in (cause of injury or don’t have gear),
  • where are you coming from,
  • and how fast can you run a beer mile :)

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Logistics and Gear

The camp will officially begin Friday afternoon but we understand work schedules may prevent some from joining us then. Feel free to come Friday night or catch up with us Saturday morning.

Athletes are responsible for finding their own housing during the camp but we will do everything we can to help you find a place. If you have friends to stay with in town, great, if not, let us know and we will try to figure something out!

Here is a basic gear list for the camp:

  • Running Shoes
  • Training clothing
  • Sandals, post workout clothing, and beach gear
  • Ski/running poles
  • Food for fuel during workouts
  • Preferred snacks for meals
  • Helmet
  • Roller-skis (optional)
  • Mountain or road bike (optional)
  • Rock climbing gear (optional)

Can I handle it? You should be able to complete 3 days of endurance exercise, with up to 2-3h of running per day in order to attend. Most of our long runs have extended periods of hiking involved so are not as intense as they may sound. If you are unsure if you should attend send us an email!

» Here is how the the first Canadian Team summer training camp in Squamish went two year’s ago.

» Here is how a Canadian Team summer training camp looked like in Revelstoke in 2012.

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