Tiki Torch Dash 2009: fun and chill under the stars

Two fastest girls of Canadian skimo racing: Melanie Bernier and Julie Matteau.

Melanie Bernier delivered a performance of the night while Montana boys won a relay as the North American skimo racing season went under way. On Saturday night, Dec 5th, thanks to a determined crew of organizers and volunteers Kicking … » full article

Rogers Pass: Canada Skimo Team’s second training camp ever


There is a very committed group of great people that are going to represent Canada at the World Ski Mountaineering Championships in Andorra this winter. And since every team needs a little bonding experience we managed to pull off two … » full article

6 tips to get you ready for your first ski mountaineering race


Backcountry skiing is great fun. It is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends, to relax and to do what makes you happy. But from time to time we all like to try something different, to have a new challenge. You can … » full article

West Coast snow report: 2,5m deeeep


Early season conditions are long time gone. No one remembers them anymore. White fluffy stuff keeps fallin', So the brave can be rollin'. This little poem created in less than 60 seconds says it all. Simply, the current West Coast … » full article

From tele to Team Canada: A telemark skier’s switch to AT race gear


My first ski mountaineering race was completed on 184cm K2 telemark boards with non-free pivot bindings and Garmont Excursion boots. My skins were G3 Ascensions that required the removal of the ski from my foot in order to get each skin … » full article

Buying altimeter watch that fits your needs and budget


Choosing which altimeter watch to buy is tough with the variety we are presented today, so let's make it simpler with some basic advice that will help you decide. This article is an extension of "Altimeter watch: Why it is important and … » full article

Must see: Ski like James Bond

I came across this footage on my friend's blog - www.skialpinizmus.eu - and thought to share it with as many people as possible would be great. Have good laughs and make sure to pay attention to James Bond's gear :) My equipment … » full article

Altimeter watch: Why it is important and beneficial to know your altitude?


Knowing at what altitude (elevation) you are at any moment while backcountry skiing is very important and can be also very beneficial. Lets take a look why this is the case, and how you may go about choosing an altimeter watch that suits … » full article

Tiki Torch Dash: Opening event to 2010 racing season

Click image to see the official Tiki Torch Dash 2009 poster.

On December 5th, the North American 2010 skimo racing season will begin with Tiki Torch Dash hosted at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort (KHMR). After delivering an amazing race course, organization and after-party last April people at KHMR … » full article

Ready for winter? How crazy is too crazy?

As backcountry skiers, we all have most likely been in a situation where we had to "justify" ourselves as backcountry skiers to someone else. We had to explain that what seems crazy to most is very natural to us. As a society, I believe, … » full article

Canada webcam snow report: west to east


After a week of flurries and rain at lower elevations the temperatures higher up were much colder and we can see some real snow now. Weather forecast is calling for more precipitation over the next couple of days except some occasional … » full article

Introducing the lightest ski mountaineering boots


Trend towards lighter gear in any mountain and outdoor sport is obvious. It was, is, and will be going on at every stage of gear development. Light gear in many sports starts its development inside racing environment where every second … » full article