Are these the same skis? Dynafit DNA Race vs. Crazy Idea DNA Race


Update: After confirmations from various sources these two skis are in fact the same. For a longer time now I have been suspecting a little "marketing scam" that might be being played with the ski mountaineering racing community. Two … » full article

Future of avalanche beacons: old standards and new ideas – ARVA Link and Ortovox 3+

Ortovox 3+ (left) and ARVA Link will introduce new features to improve avalanche rescues.

Every two or three years manufacturers release improved and more innovative features for their avalanche beacons. Some of these are revolutionary and some are just small enhancements, however, they are constantly moving forward. In … » full article

Sunshine 5000 race report: great battles, long course…little rocky

Stairs that led racers down to a little col to start the descent of the "feared" Delirium Dive.

Sunshine 5000 is the oldest race on the Canadian ski mountaineering racing calendar and its 6th going was held last Saturday (Feb 6th, 2010) at the Sunshine Village ski resort near Banff, AB. Sunny skies are nothing new to this event … » full article

Sunshine 5000 skimo race: Saturday, Feb 6th, 2010


Updated with current photos from critical parts of the race course. See at the bottom of the article under "Photo updates". This Saturday, Sunshine Village ski resort (16km west of Banff, AB) will be the venue for a second round of the … » full article

Whitefish Whiteout ski mountaineering race: big checks, fast times, wicked course

From left - second Ben Parsons, first Brandon French, third Reiner Thoni.

Another round of the US skimo racing series was hosted on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at Whitefish ski resort. According to organizers, for the first time in the events history the weather didn't stay true to its name. It was clear skies … » full article

The Heathen Challenge – Sunlight COSMIC Race Report + US Team

Travis Scheefer and Ben Parsons discussing the race.

Last Saturday, January 16th, Sunlight Mountain in Colorado hosted another round of the US ski mountaineering racing series and the event was the last chance for three more racers to make the US National Team. The race was also included in … » full article

Needle Peak (Coquihalla) and Rogers Pass conditions

Approaching Needle Peak.

Here is a brief report on conditions from Needle Peak (Coquihalla area) and Rogers Pass. On my way to Canmore I planned two stops - a quick ski at Coquihalla area and a full ski day at Rogers Pass. Forecasted avalanche conditions were … » full article

Skin track photo contest winner + all photos gallery

"This is a photo of a skintrack up to Sapphire Col earlier this year.  I took it because I always take pictures of my travels while touring and this just happened to be the right time of day for great shadows and texture. The ridge on the left leads up to Castor Peak. Great day with great friends!"

Firstly, I want to say big thank you to all those that participated in this first ever SkinTrack contest that was very fitting to this website - photos where a skin track plays a role. Secondly, I want to thank to James Minifie and John … » full article

Cayoosh area, Duffey Lake: conditions as of Jan 10, 2010

Looking back. We skinned up on a ridge that runs from east to west and can be reached from a high logging road that starts at the parking lot.

Here is a quick news on how it looks for skiing at Duffey Lake area on the West Coast. During the past two weeks I did two trips to Cayoosh area: I headed there for a day on Dec 30th, 2009 and the snow coverage was quite good and the … » full article

Be strong and healthy: Chocolate moose recipe from Canada’s skimo champ

Chocolate moose fancied by lots of fruit. Preparation and photo by Reiner Thoni.

The night before an opening race of the 2010 Canadian skimo racing season I ganged up with other two Canada's skimo racers, Reiner Thoni and Ian Gale, to prepare dinner for us, plus Ian's wife and their room-mate. Since there were … » full article

Grand Targhee Skimo Classic and Pierra Menta 2010

A bit of current news that should interest you if you are into ski mountaineering racing: This Saturday is arguably the most important day in US skimo racing this season for those shooting for the stars...and a National Team. The … » full article

Tips and advice from a world caliber skimo racer Peter Svätojánsky

Peter showing some nice stride at the old liftless Revelstoke resort.

To progress Canadian and American ski mountaineering racing further we have to learn from each other but more importantly from those that are doing it longer than us. Since one of my good friends is a world class ski mountaineering racer … » full article