Grand Targhee Skimo Classic and Pierra Menta 2010

A bit of current news that should interest you if you are into ski mountaineering racing: This Saturday is arguably the most important day in US skimo racing this season for those shooting for the stars...and a National Team. The … » full article

Tips and advice from a world caliber skimo racer Peter Svätojánsky

Peter showing some nice stride at the old liftless Revelstoke resort.

To progress Canadian and American ski mountaineering racing further we have to learn from each other but more importantly from those that are doing it longer than us. Since one of my good friends is a world class ski mountaineering racer … » full article

SkinTrack: 2009 recap and 2010 plans

Skinning up for one of many great runs in December 2010 at Rogers Pass. (Image cropped from Reiner Thoni's photo.)

First of all, I want to wish all of you all the best in 2010. And right after that, I really want to thank all of you for reading SkinTrack articles and for your input through your comments. It is much valued and makes future writing that … » full article

How North American ski mountaineering racers compare against the World’s fastest?

Fast Euros charging hard at Pierra Menta 2006.

On December 5th, 2009 the Canadian racing season (and North American too) started with an event hosted at a ski resort near Golden, BC. One of the disciplines was a vertical race, a hill climb, that was a pure all out effort without … » full article

Which skis you want or would recommend to your friend, and why?

The 2010 Gear Guide published by Backcountry Magazine obviously contains ski reviews among other gear. By now everyone that bought this gear guide issue knows what their testers think about the skis that were available to them. However, … » full article

Questions and answers about G3 Onyx bindings with Melanie Bernier


Melanie Bernier is a G3 sponsored athlete for past couple of years and tests their equipment any time she is playing in the snow. She lives in Revelstoke, skis almost every day and is a member of the Canadian Ski Mountaineering National … » full article

Alpaca Peak, Coquihalla: snow conditions and touring with John Baldwin

Looking south towards Zupjok Pk. The clouds kept coming and going.

Yesterday, December 19th, the weather forecast predicted a break in the recent storm cycle on the South Coast and five of us headed to Coquihalla area which is best known for the Coquihalla Highway (between Hope and Merritt, in BC). The … » full article

Skin track photo contest: win Ortovox Grizzly snow shovel

We all shoot photos while touring but most of the time we just shoot without any real focus, and I don't mean the focus function on your camera. To give us all more purpose when snapping pictures here is a little contest that is very … » full article

New carbon ski boot: LaSportiva Stratos / Discussion about different carbon boots

With some plain luck, I found this YouTube video that introduces the new LaSportiva Stratos carbon ski boot. Before, there were only some images available along with some technical information. Now the picture gets clearer. The ski boot … » full article

Interestingly strange contest: Win 7-days of heli assisted ski touring with Greg Hill

Many of you probably know Greg Hill or at least his name. He is often being referred to as "The Million Feet Man" for touring one million feet in one season, all self propelled trips. And because I have great respect for Greg and for all … » full article

Rogers Pass: Significant changes to Winter Permit System

Skinning up inside Cheops restricted area.

Since the end of the last season the System underwent significant changes that were introduced to public at the beginning of this one. Anyone that skies or skied at Rogers Pass most likely knows about the Winter Permit System that is in … » full article

Tiki Torch Dash 2009: fun and chill under the stars

Two fastest girls of Canadian skimo racing: Melanie Bernier and Julie Matteau.

Melanie Bernier delivered a performance of the night while Montana boys won a relay as the North American skimo racing season went under way. On Saturday night, Dec 5th, thanks to a determined crew of organizers and volunteers Kicking … » full article