Vertical climbing speed: Ski mountaineering vs Uphill running vs Slope angle (vs Gear weight)


How does vertical speed compare between different mountain sports? And how does slope angle affect that speed? These are very interesting questions to which no one has an absolute answer for. I am going to take a shot at it while relying … » full article

Mount Baker Ski Area gets snow

Looking east towards Mt Shuksan from a pass north of Table Mt (above Iceberg Lake).

There is about 5-15cm of snow on various aspects at Mt Baker Ski Area. Not quite enough to really ski, however, there were some brave snowboard and ski tracks. Yesterday, Oct 3, I drove up the Mt Baker Ski Area road to do some hiking. As … » full article

World Cup 2010 racing calendar: Canadians compete


World Cup ski mountaineering racing calendar for 2009/2010 season made it out couple of weeks ago. Highlight of the season will definitely be Ski Mountaineering World Championships 2010 in Andorra that will that place during the first week … » full article

Have your say: skinning in or through ski resorts?


What do you think about skinning in or skinning through ski resorts? This is a very hot topic among backcountry skiing community. For sure it is a bit of an oxymoron "backcountry skiers skinning in ski resorts" but there are very … » full article

Interview with Andrew McLean – Icon of North American ski mountaineering

Andrew - The millionaire - skiing in Iran.

Andrew McLean is one of the icons of North American ski mountaineering, however, I didn't know this until I met him couple of years ago at a ski mountaineering race. He won the event, and I believe it was the first time I got to see the … » full article

Canadian champion wins in New Zealand

Current Canadian ski mountaineering champion, Reiner Thoni, won the Scarpa CraigieBurner skimo race in New Zealand over the past weekend. Reiner travelled to NZ in mid-August to do some touring and racing there, and prepare for the … » full article

Initial skimo racing calendars for 2010 season

Cropped from Andrew Wheelhouse photo.

Calendars for the North American ski mountaineering racing scene are taking shape, even though, the sun is still shining high. Canadian racing calendar will be getting polished within the next couple of weeks - clarifying all dates … » full article

Sign up for avalanche safety and backcountry travel course

This is a second article from the series on "How to start backcountry skiing and alpine touring?". As with anything new, we have two choices - learn it ourselves (with help from friends) or register for a course that is led by a true … » full article

The Revelstoke Steamer: do you have the legs?

Within backcountry skiing community, Revelstoke is well know for its location - being a base to endless adventure opportunities during the winter months. But being summer now, Revelstoke has something else up its sleeve. The Revelstoke … » full article

North Joffre Creek mini-traverse: Spring skiing and bush whacking

Peter fighting some serious flora to get us started.

This trip took place in Duffey Lake area in the southern part of Coast Mountains, Canada, during May 23-25, 2009. Duffey Lake backcountry skiing is a serious rival destination to the famed Rogers Pass near Revelstoke, BC. A detailed … » full article

Recap of the Canadian ski mountaineering racing season 2009

Canadian ski mountaineering racing series is growing bit by bit every year. The 2009 skimo racing season promised five event calendar, which meant one more than the previous year. The new event that was added was a Dogtooth Dash at the … » full article

How to get involved in backcountry skiing and alpine touring?

This is the first article from the series on "How to start backcountry skiing and alpine touring?". Visit the page to see an outline of all the topics. The best way to introduce yourself to backcountry skiing is through more experienced … » full article