Part 2: Interview with Jason & Andy Dorais – On race organizing, gear, and favourite training spots

Wasatch Citizen Skimo Series

This is the second part of the interview with Jason and Andy - this time discussing organizing the Wasatch Citizen Skimo Series, what gear they use, … [Read more...]

Part 1: Interview with Jason & Andy Dorais – On their sporting backgrounds, skimo racing starts, work…


This is an in-depth, two part interview with the fast Dorais brothers. Jason and Andy live in Salt Lake City, and besides their own adventurous … [Read more...]

Dome and Youngs: Two Rogers Pass classics (as two trips or) in one bigger day

Asulkan valley map - Dome and Youngs tour

Yesterday, I skied two Rogers Pass descents I consider classics in terms of length, quality of skiing, and views - Dome Glacier and Seven Steps of … [Read more...]

Ian Gale interview: Organizing the best skimo race in Canada, and Tips for other organizers


Ian Gale is the man behind the best run ski mountaineering race in Canada. And this year, his race got the recognition by being awarded the North … [Read more...]

Report: Whitefish Whiteout skimo race on Jan 19, 2013

Stano Faban with Ben Parsons at Whitefish 2013 skimo race

Last Saturday, the up-hill traffic friendly ski resort above Whitefish, MT hosted its 6th annual ski mountaineering race. The last couple of editions … [Read more...]

10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Skimo Racing


Uphill tips: Relax your shoulders, neck and face… or as much muscles as you can. Save your energy. Experiment with variety of strides on … [Read more...]

Report: Castle Mountain Skimo Race on Jan 12, 2013

Castle Moutain ski mountaineering race 2013 results long

Last weekend, Castle Mountain became a new fantastic venue for one of Canadian Ski Mountaineering Cup races. The resort and its cozy village … [Read more...]

Report and suggestions on racing at altitude and more: 2013 US Skimo Nationals at Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee Skimo Classic

After posting an article with Eric Carter on minimizing effects of altitude on skimo racing performance 2 weeks before it was time to test some of … [Read more...]

Nov 22 to Jan 2 – Few stats and how is ski touring in the Pass going

Our line off Eagle Pk. To the left is Avalanche Mountain and to the right is Sir Donald.

Happy New Year everyone! Last spring I have decided that I would spend the 2012/13 winter skiing mostly the amazing Rogers Pass. I desired that … [Read more...]