Feb 8-9 Weekend Skimo Racing Roundup

World Cup

Big, big congrats goes to Melanie Bernier (CAN) for her bronze medal from the skimo World Cup Pitturina Ski Race which is the first ever podium placing on a World Cup level for a Canadian skimo athlete!


After the Italian Pitturina race got postponed by a week, due to a big snow storm that rolled over the Dolomites on Feb 1st, Melanie felt that the extra days between her races will only do her good. Here’s an update on Melanie’s Euro campaign she sent us last week.

On Friday, Feb 7, Melanie captured the first ever Canadian medal by finishing third in the sprint event, behind women’s World Cup dominating Laetitia Roux (FRA) and Maude Mathys (SWI). Meredith Edwards (USA) continued to collect valuable World Cup experience and finished 16th.

In men’s sprint race, first went to current sprint World Champion Josef Rottmoser, and second to his German teammate Anton Palzer who actually still belongs to the espoir (under 23) category! Third went to current individual World Champion William Bon Mardion of France.

» Sprint race results - All categories (PDF)

Here’s a short video of the sprint race. You can see Melanie on the podium at 1:32.

The next day at Pitturina race, Kilian Jornet (ESP) took over and comfortably captured his second individual race win of this season. He was followed by every week improving William Bon Mardion (FRA) for second and Damiano Lenzi (ITA) for third.

In women’s category the first two podium spots were captured by the same athletes as in the sprint – Laetitia Roux (FRA) took first while Maude Mathys (SWI) took second. Third went to Sophie Dusautoir from Andorra! Melanie Bernier had a good race and finished sixth, and only by 1 sec behind fifth and 20 sec behind fourth. Meredith Edwards placed 15th.

» Individual race results - All categories (PDF)

North America

After the cancellation of the Ken Jones Classic race at Lake Louise, AB no racing took place in Canada this weekend. But there was plenty of action in the US.

There is a new skimo centre growing in the US and this time in New Mexico! And the past weekend saw two races taking place there – Saturday in Santa Fe ski area and on Sunday in Taos Ski Valley.

UPDATE – Feb 11: Disregard the comments section at the bottom of this article as there was confusion with the results. The following is now correct.

The below results (reflecting overall ranking) were put together from photos sent in by Tim Zander. Thank you very much Tim.


Burke Mountain skimo race:

We had a race on the other side of the country, in Vermont, happening last weekend as well. There will be more juicy details from Jonathan Shefftz coming for this one but here are at least some stats for now. Main men’s race was won by George Visser, second went to Phillipe Deguire, and third to Josh Flanagan. In women’s race category Danielle Deguire took first, Isabelle Marcotte second, and Karina Lewis third.
» Results Burke 2014 (PDF)

Upcoming Races – Feb 15-16 weekend

There will be a break on the World Cup scene this weekend because there will be lots of big racing going on in Andorra that will host the 2014 European SkiMo Racing Championships between Feb 14 and Feb 16. The Euro Champs alternate every second year with the Worlds taking place on odd years.

In the United States there will be two races taking place on Saturday, Feb 15:

No racing in Canada this weekend but coming back on Feb 22.

Training Plans for Skimo Racing

Skimo Racing Manual


  1. Tim, both links don’t open for me. I mean, they do but then Facebook says “This content is currently unavailable”. Anyways, I am going to rewrite as you guys stated and will take out the files as they are very hard to read, unless you know what’s going on.

    I guess it’s a good lesson for the future to have 3 separate files or if one then clearly label each page/sheet with a headline.

  2. Tim is correct. The top 3 for the Taos Raid were
    Jon, Bryan and then Scott and the women’s was Stevie, Lindsay Plant and third was Kate Zander. Sorry about the confusion. Results were listed a bit weird initially for the Raid because of a distinction made between those that raced both races and those that just raced in Taos. The overall NM Cup was won by Jon Brown and Kate Zander. Thanks to all who came down to race in the winter sun.

  3. Here’s the results they posted before we left:

    The 1st time column is Rio Hondo Raid time, 2nd column is Santa Fe time, 3rd column is combined time. It is ordered by combined time but notice that Brian Edminston came 3rd for Rio Hondo Raid but 4th overall

  4. Tim, thank you for the corrections. Let me ask my sources to comment on this because the results are not very clear then.

  5. A few corrections on the New Mexico races. Top 3 for Taos Rio Hondo Raid Mens: Jon Brown, Bryan Wickenhauser, Brian Edminston. Womens: Stevie Kremer, Lindsay Plant, Kate Zander(spelling correction for the first day as well)

    Results may seem skewed since what you listed is for people that just did the one race, not both races. A bit of a mistake for the timing/results.

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