Recap of 2013 Canadian skimo racing season: Events, Participation, Rankings


Believe it or not, the 2013 Canadian skimo racing season marked 10 years of skimo racing in this backcountry skiing obsessed country. For now, … [Read more...]

Report from 2013 Ken Jones Classic: Brad Schalles and Martha Burley win, Eric Carter falls into a tree well


After three months the Canadian skimo racing season ended yesterday with the final race held at Lake Louise Ski Area. It was the third annual Ken … [Read more...]

Report: The GORE-TEX 2013 North American Skimo Champs – Scott Simmons and Martha Burley clinch titles


What makes a skimo race great? It's the ski mountaineering part. After being consistently rated as the best race in Canada for past couple of … [Read more...]

Measuring skimo racing success: Focus on small goals rather than results


Obviously, when we race we care about results. By results, I mean our name's location on a sheet of paper which determines our state of satisfaction … [Read more...]

2013 Ken Jones Classic – Skimo race in the heart of the Canadian Rockies – Mar 23, Lake Louise


Come and race the third edition of the Ken Jones Classic ski mountaineering race around the boundary of Lake Louise ski area. The course has some … [Read more...]

Exclusive offer: Win a FREE entry and 2 lift tickets when you race The GORE-TEX North American Skimo Champs


Update on Mar 20, 2013: The winners are Michael Bestwick and Danielle Coffman. They will be contacted by KHMR to confirm their mailing … [Read more...]

The 2013 Power of Four skimo race: One man’s three year evolution towards a unified team spirit


In this well written essay one of our fellow skimo racers, Jeremy Rietmann, shares his candid story of personal evolution that was forced upon him by … [Read more...]

2013 Dogtooth Dash: The Goretex North American Continental Skimo Champs, Mar 16-17

2013 skimo continental champs Dogtooth Dash

Stakes at the 2013 Dogtooth Dash will be high. After partnering with a major sponsor this year's individual race will become The Goretex 2013 … [Read more...]

2013 Wasatch Powder Keg: 3 races in 3 days, Mar 8-10

Wasatch Powder Keg 2013 skimo race

The growth of the Wasatch Powder Keg into a three day event this year is a clear signal that more and more people fall in love with ski mountaineering … [Read more...]