Book announcement: Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing is coming soon

It has been over a year since Eric and I started working on an idea I have been thinking about for a while. Today, we would like to present you with a cool project we are just finishing and you will be able to get your hands on very soon.

Fast-track your skimo learning

The Manual, as we refer to it, is going to be an e-book that you will be able to read on your phone, or iPad, or laptop, or just simply print out.

We believe the main benefit of this Manual is that it will allow you to speed up your skimo learning curve by at least a few years. You will still need to train, but inside the book we reveal and answer as much as possible yet in a length and format that will take you no more than a day to study.

We didn’t strive for a skimo encyclopedia but rather for a practical tool that you can easily and rapidly learn from.

Skimo technique videos

On top of the manual itself, we have been developing a series of informative technique videos. We are going to start by releasing skimo transitions videos during the next couple of days so you can start practicing speedy transitions for your first races. The cool thing is that we are linking to all of those videos from inside the e-book to make your learning experience as smooth as possible.

Here is one of the videos (click on the “gear” settings button to see it in HD):

I want it, when is the release date?

If you can’t wait to read it then send us your email through the form below and we will let you know a couple of days before it will be released.

The price will be $17 per copy but the first 20 people to email us here will get a 20% discount towards the purchase.

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In case you missed it, here is a sample, most of a complete chapter from the e-book on skimo racing strategy that we released for free a few days ago.

Thank you and we wish you many happy early season turns!

Stano and Eric

Training Plans for Skimo Racing

Skimo Racing Manual


  1. The book looks great, thanks so much for your hard work on this great resource!

  2. DouglasSproul says:

    Looks great guys! Looking forward to it.

  3. Happy to hear that you guys like it! Now back to the grind to finish it up and get it out to you! :)

  4. “will allow you to speed up your skimo learning curve by at least a few years. You will still need to train….”

    Super cool, Stano. Am supporting any effort like this – can’t wait to read/watch it!

  5. Looks like a great idea, I will forward ti to my friends :) Thanks

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