Vertical Race – 2019 Skimo Worlds – Mar 13: Werner Marti finally on top as Andrea Mayr defends her 2017 title

Rory Kelly (USA) leading Peter Knight (CAN) during the race.

Another stormy day in Villars, Switzerland forced organizers to shorten the vertical race course to a very fast 470m of vert while utilizing some XC … [Read more...]

Individual Race – 2019 Skimo Worlds – Mar 12: Antonioli and Mollaret win senior titles


After a forced day off due to stormy weather yesterday, the World Ski Mountaineering Championships continued today with Individual race for all … [Read more...]

Sprint Race – 2019 Skimo Worlds – Mar 10: Arno Lietha and Galicia Cotrina win senior titles

Max Taam (USA) during the qualifying round.

The 2019 Skimo Worlds were off to a windy start when strong gusts caused couple of issues to organizers. At the end, everything worked out and the … [Read more...]

Overview: 2019 Skimo World Championships + Team USA and Team Canada Athletes


Two years went by very fast since the last World Ski Mountaineering Championships! On Sunday, March 10 athletes will line up for the first event of … [Read more...]