5th birthday for SkinTrack.com: Woohoo!

I don’t want to write much but I would like to highlight the fact that around these days SkinTrack.com is celebrating its 5th birthday!

I don’t remember the exact date of the launch but I know I wrote couple of articles first, then wrote few more, and then finally found the courage to email about it to all my skimo friends at the time.

Over the years, there have been busy posting periods and empty ones when it was hard to find inspiration and energy to continue writing. But somehow the site always came back and usually better than before.

Fun fact:

Very few of you know this:

The domain name “skintrack.com” was taken back in 2009 but I thought that if to bother with a blog on skimo and backcountry skiing then I had to have it. And so, after some communications, I bought it from an encouraging fellow skier that lived in Jackson Hole at the time. (I have to be honest but I forgot his name.) He was willing to sell it to me if I was going to try and do what he wanted to do for years – create a website about skiing.

Thank YOU ALL for your support!

Some of you have helped me with content over the years but many of you expressed your support by saying “Thank you for the site Stano” whether when we talked while skiing or some times while passing me in the skin track :)

So 225 posts later I want to say Thank You for the support, energy and help. I will try to keep it up and even improve it despite shrinking free time these days.

See you somewhere in the skin track,
Or with a glass of beer.
Cause we might mortgage ourselves,
But that’s not why we are here :)




Training Plans for Skimo Racing

Skimo Racing Manual


  1. Thank you for reading and the encouragement Bill! Plans are a plenty so let’s see what happens :)

    And just like I am doing (currently working on editing) videos for racers I plan on making a video for race organizers so you guys can spend more time doing and less time “figuring out” :)

  2. Stano- keep it up pal. You are the Wildsnow of Skimo and last I checked Lou seems to be doing just fine. Stick with your vision. This is a great blog. Keep with it…skimo is growing and you are positioned to be the main player. P.S. We still gotta figure out a skimo race for Shawnee Peak in Maine next year!

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