The ultimate race for fresh powder tracks: Time is (not) on our side

What if there is a place on Earth where the powder paradise lays exactly in the middle between two very powder-hungry communities? And what if one of those is cheating?

Whether we admit it or not, lots of times there is a race for fresh tracks between different groups when touring.  There is usually a race even within those groups!

Each location, each bowl, each secret stash witnesses such battles many times a season. This is a fact.

The game must be fair for all. Even Best Buy’s black Friday sale junkies have the same chance.

The powder paradise is the Canadian Rogers Pass and the two gangs fighting for it daily are from towns of Golden and Revelstoke.

Golden and Revelstoke are about 45min drive from the Pass each, however, Golden runs on Mountain Time and Revy on Pacific. Whoever put the time zone boundary between these two must have never shred any pow. Otherwise, he would have realized it can cause accidents on the Trans Canada Highway and bruised egos in the backcountry. Must have been a committee of amusement park designers.

On the other hand, maybe that’s why Golden was named golden, cause it has a first-tracks advantage.


If you care, you are welcome to sign a petition to switch Revelstoke to Mountain Time, or better to switch Golden to Pacific since it lays in BC anyways (border with Alberta is a bit east of Golden).

You can sign via comments below.

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  1. too bad there’s no road up kinbasket lake from golden or revelstoke else we would be happy to share some of our powder with you guys, 18 years later there are still no more than 10 to 20 people to ski all this terrain up here.

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