Arc’Teryx reinvents avalanche airbags with its Adrenaline Dragonfly Jacket

In the past couple of months, there are rumors flying around that this Canadian company known for its great outdoor clothing and gear is working on a new avalanche airbag device. And in true Arc’Teryx fashion they are doing it in style.

One revolutionary invention Arc’Teryx went on to patent is to inflate the air bags with surrounding air with help from an electric motor rather than to inflate the air bags with compressed gases from a small cartridge, like all current avalanche airbag manufacturers do.

But that is not the biggest surprise yet!

Arc’Teryx is thinking way outside the box on this one. Instead of following suit and supplying the market with another heavy avalanche airbag backpack they are reinventing the game with their new Adrenaline Dragonfly Jacket.

Arcteryx airbag Adrenaline Dragonfly Jacket.

With this avalanche airbag jacket you don’t heave to carry a pack to be protected. This is especially convenient for in-bounds skiers. But even for backcountry touring because when you sit down for lunch you are likely to take off your pack but not your jacket.

The airbags are positioned on the back sides of the jacket, like dragonfly’s wings, in a way that your backpack does not interfere with the system.

Arc’Teryx usually thinks through every detail of their gear to make it maximally functional. And as you can see they made sure that even colour plays its role – highly visible hues make for faster rescue.

The price is not known yet but we will likely be over $1000 dollars, in line with the rest of Arc’Teryx products.

Stay tuned for more and in the meantime check out the new Scarpa Alien Revelstoke boots.

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  1. Hi Terry, the electric motor inflation seems to be true. Don’t know how it operates but I had hints from trusted people and then discovered the patent website with the actual info.

    However, the Adrenaline Dragon jacket is my invention ;) I have a slightly twisted sense of humour and always come up with silly ideas, so I decided to create “Crazy Tracks” column on this site to spread a good laugh disguised as real stuff :)

  2. Wow! Is this for real, Stano? Hard to imagine how an electric motor could inflate an airbag quickly enough, not to mention a lot of other questions about how this could be incorporated into a jacket!

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