SATURDAY – Individual race details:

Saturday’s individual race (Jan 24) starts at the very top of the resort with a lap around the award winning Eagle’s Eye restaurant at 2330 m. Then racers travel through all the bowls and peaks the resort has with steep skiing and technical uphills for the Elite Race category, and less challenging terrain for the Enduro Rec category on a shorter course.


  • Around 1550 m of ascent for the Elite Race category which usually takes 95% of racers 2-4 h to complete.
  • 800 m of ascent for the Enduro Rec category that usually takes around 1.5-2.5 h to complete.
  • See the map below – Elite course is the whole thing, Enduro ends after the 2nd ascent which will take you back to the Start/Finish area.

Categories for individual race:

There will be couple of different categories you can indicate during the online registration and at the bib pickup:

  • Male, Female for all of the below
  • Elite Race (long)
  • Enduro Rec (short)
  • Youth – 20 years old or less (only on Enduro course – top 3)
  • Split-board category (only on Elite course – top 3)


Product prizes for best racers in all categories + cash prizes in Men’s and Women’s Elite categories:

  1. $300
  2. $200
  3. $100
  4. $50

Mandatory gear and rules for the individual race:

» For all details on gear and rules see ISMF rules (PDF).

We will require you to have and carry this gear for both Elite and Enduro:

  • Skis or split-board with metallic edges, no cross-country skis allowed.
  • A pair of climbing skins, ski boots, and ski bindings (or split-board equivalent).
  • Wear a strapped helmet at all times.
  • Wear gloves at all times.
  • Working avalanche beacon, probe and shovel.
  • Emergency/Survival blanket (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_blanket).
  • Sun glasses or ski goggles.
  • Backpack that can hold/carry all above inside.
  • 3 layers for upper body and 2 layers for lower body (2 have to be worn for upper body and 1 for lower at all times, carry the rest).
  • During all boot-packs skis must be attached to the backpack. (It’s a safety issue concerning racers below you.)
  • Bib number must be worn on your right thigh.
  • Beacon must be switched on (in transmit mode) during the whole race and worn under at least one layer of clothing.

» Penalties for not obeying the above, instructions given at the pre-race meeting, or from race marshals on the course will vary from 1 min to disqualification.


How challenging is the Enduro Rec course?

If you can ski down a black diamond run and climb by skinning in lower angle switchbacks then you will be fine. It doesn’t have to be pretty – just do it! But if you struggle to finish a 10 km run then this might be too much for you at this moment.

Isn’t this a pro level event since it will be the Canadian National Championships?

Everyone is welcome to participate provided they are proficient with using ski touring gear. If you feel intimidated by the fast racers in spandex then just line up at the back for the start to create your own comfortable space. Pace yourself to finish whichever course you choose under 4 h 30 min.

Will I be able to complete the Elite course under 4 h 30 min?

This is a hard to answer but here are some fitness guidelines provided that you are somewhat efficient with touring gear:

  • If you are able to ski tour in the backcountry and climb (and ski as well) at least 1200 m in 4 and a half hours then you should be able to pull it off since the pre-set race course will be faster.
  • If you are able to run 10 km under 50 min, or 20 km under 2 h then you should be able to do it.
  • If you are able to complete an Olympic distance triathlon in less than 3 h then you should be able to it.
  • If you are a very fit runner, cyclist or hiker but are not too proficient with ski touring equipment then perhaps consider the Enduro course for now.

What’s the registration fee if I own KHMR season ski pass? Can I register online?

If you own KHMR season pass then it will be $60 for the race and dinner party at Dogtooth Dash. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make registration for you available online, so please come by our registration office at 1:00-7:30 pm on Friday, January 23rd.


First make sure we have not answered your question somewhere above. If not, send us an email from contact page and put “Dogtooth Dash” in the subject line. Thank you.