New Fastest Known Time for Mount Rainier: Up and down in 3h 51min 40sec

This is pretty much old news now but for various reasons we have not been able to cover it for you yet.

In short, couple of days ago, SkinTrack contributor Eric Carter was able to set a new fastest known time (FKT) for the ascent and descent of Mount Rainier via the usual Disappointment Cleaver route. The previous record was held by brother Andy and Jason Dorais using skis as well.

For the long story you can head over to Backcountry Magazine article -

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  1. Nice Job Eric on Rainier..

  2. Eric Carter says:

    Any word of his attempt on the Cassin or was that just a rumour?

  3. Hi Pablo, yes I heard about it but was very busy with work to read more. I am going to look it up. Looks like he cut a great chunk of time!

  4. Hi Stano, have you heard about the recent new record on Denali ascent and desccent by Kilian Jornet?

    11h46′ via the West Buttress Route.
    5h06′ less tan previous record set by Ed Warren!

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