Skimo News Dec 12: Record turn-out at Vert 180, Loup Loup Rando race preview

6pm start makes a for an unique race setting. (And low light makes snapping pics difficult.)

Vert 180 - Calgary, AB - Dec 9, 2017 There was a historical turnout at the Vert 180 race in Calgary last Saturday with around 100 participants … [Read more...]

Race Recap: Vert180 Night Skimo Race in Calgary


The Canadian Skimo Cup kicked off with its first race of the season at the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary last Saturday. With its unusual format - … [Read more...]

Race Recap: Vert180 Skimo Race

“Oh great, now I get to be beaten by two people wearing tutu’s...” - Peter Knight

The Vert180 is the annual season opener for the Canadian Skimo Calendar. While the setting may not be spectacular alpine peaks, there is no shortage … [Read more...]

VERT 180 + Ski Mountaineering Clinic


Day starts with a ski mountaineering clinic lead by Canadian National Skimo Team members. Then continues with a race at 6PM. Most Vertical … [Read more...]

Canadian Skimo Racing Calendar for 2012-13 season

This is a schedule of Canadian ski mountaineering races for this season. Great news is that the calendar will see a completely new event at a new … [Read more...]

2012 MEC Vert180 on Dec 1st: Canada’s skimo season opener


This will be the 3rd edition of the Vert180 which serves as the Canadian skimo racing season opener the last 3 years. As one of a kind North … [Read more...]

Steve Sellers interview: Skimo racing is the ultimate skiing challenge!

Steve (in red cap) with part of the Canadian team atop Mt Cheops in Rogers Pass, BC. Photo from Brad Schalles (Sep 15, 2012).

The world of ski mountaineering racing is full of unique characters, and arguably the Canadian and the American skimo scenes are responsible for … [Read more...]

Results, video and report for Vert180 skimo race (Dec 3, 2011)


Fun, great snow and "go-go-go" were the words flying around at start/transition area of the Vert180 skimo race at Canada Olympic Park. As a great … [Read more...]