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Fast-track Your Skimo Learning Today

Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing e-book is a practical tool intended primarily for novice to intermediate skimo racers, with the aim to help them speed up their progress by a couple of years. However, the Manual features plenty of tips that even more experienced racers can surely benefit from.

What others are saying:

“…The Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing was my most valuable resource when I dove head first into training and racing over the winter of 13/14. I’ve been fortunate to represent Canada at the World Championships in 2017 and… I can’t recommend this manual enough to those who are just beginning to dip their toes into this incredible sport, or those looking to improve upon their foundation. Big thanks to Stano and Eric for helping me chase my dreams on the mountain!”
- Rob Krar (endurance athlete, 2014 Western States 100 Champion)

What’s inside the 116 pages?

  • Drills and instructions for efficient skinning, boot-packing and skiing technique variations
  • Videos and instructions for fast skimo racing transitions
  • Skimo endurance training principles and planning
  • Workout and training week examples
  • Strength training routine with photos for all exercises
  • Tips on race strategy planning, including course analysis
  • Gear tips, and much more…

Sample pages:


  1. Before ski mountaineering exploded here in Flagstaff there weren’t many options for learning the basics. The Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing was my most valuable resource when I dove head first into training and racing over the winter of ’13/14. I’ve been fortunate to represent Canada at the World Championships in 2017 and participated in the most iconic of all ski mountaineering races, the four day Pierra Menta stage race. I can’t recommend this manual enough to those who are just beginning to dip their toes into this incredible sport, or those looking to improve upon their foundation. Big thanks to Stano and Eric for helping me chase my dreams on the mountain!

  2. Awesome compilation of information that would require many years and dedicated effort to collect and learn all by yourself. For someone like me that have done a lot of touring but is new to racing this is the ticket. Get your copy now!

  3. Thank you for putting all of you effort into this! The skimo team at Western State Colorado University recently purchased a copy of the manual. We’re very impressed. Reading up on the history of the sport in North America, training principles, and on-snow drills were some of the sections we found most interesting. It’s clear that a lot of work went into the compilation and organization of everything in the manual. Let us know any way we can support Skintrack, as you folks have been a great resource for us. We look forward to sharing a spectacular season with the skimo community!


  4. Simon, thank you very much for let is know how much our Skimo Manual has helped you. It feels very special to receive such kind words and we greatly appreciate it.

  5. Simon Granda says:

    I have never written a review, but this book really helped me with the proper techniques. It is an awesome tool, very well structured and the digital format is easy to use. Thank you so much for all that effort you guys put in this book.
    It is more than worth it.

  6. I am very happy to have sponsored your Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing! But ashamed to admit I only recently downloaded it! What was I waiting for? It is excellent. I am very impressed by the thoroughness of the contents and the professionalism of the design and layout. I will certainly use it as a reference for my coaching (and racing.) Great job. Highly recommended! I am going to link to the order page on and hopefully more people will order it. It will benefit them greatly.

  7. This book is perfect for anyone even thinking about getting into SkiMo/Rando racing. In fact, its a great resource even if you are not racing. The videos are great and a lot of time was put into making this manual! Thanks!

  8. Wow! Looking at these reviews, Eric and I are very happy that many of you liked the Manual so much to come back and comment. Thank you very much!

  9. I started training a year ago for long fast days in the mountains, starting with Training for the New Aplinism, reading all the main blogs I could find on Skimo racing, and now adding in the Manual for Ski Mountaineering Racing. Even though I am not a racer I have found the manual very helpful beyond even the fitness component. There is so much to learn from skimo technique and transitions not to mention sheer inspiration for how fast it is possible to go. Thanks for producing this!

  10. truly an excellent resource for those new to the rando racing scene

  11. Jean Ann Berkenpas says:

    I have found your manual for ski mountaineering very useful (and still am!). I had many questions about how to train, what kind of equipment to use, and how to manage it, and your e-book does a very good job of giving a complete answer to those questions. I found the section on training and technique very useful, particularly the example training plans and the videos showing different techniques. It is also so nice to have all of that information all in one place, instead of having to piece it together from various blogs and training articles on the internet. Thank you for all of the work that you have put in to this!

  12. Thx for this book. It’s great to have many questions answered in one place after spending hours searching thru blogs and other sites. Technique and training chapters were the most helpful but there was lots of other great tips in other sections as well. Thx!

  13. I loved the layout of the book with straightforward explanations and video examples. I would have liked a bit more information on how to train for longer race goals (eg. Gore-Tex Grand Traverse). Maybe the next edition? If you have thoughts on how to fill in that information for now please let me know.

    Great work!

  14. Thanks for the manual, guys! Super helpful in taking me from fit ski tourist to rec skimo racer. I also do some ski guiding, and the manual has given me some great ideas to blend into my curriculum for guests wanting skills for speed touring.

  15. Sam Skovgaard says:

    After buying a nice shiny race setup, I decided that I should probably focus my training efforts more effectively, so I bought this book. The main section that I found helpful was the specific training regimen examples and the pictures depicting a skimo-focused weights workout. Using videos to show proper transitions is an excellent addition, because it shows you exactly how fast a good transition can be. The videos demonstrating specific skinning techniques were also super helpful, and something you just can’t get from reading a paragraph. The only shortcoming is the sections on nutrition. In races, I have a hard time getting food down because I’m breathing so hard. I would have liked to see specific nutrition regimens that the authors use for various types of races and speed traverses. Maybe an update for a 2nd edition?

  16. Really interesting tool for training! I liked alot the Racing Strategy section, I think it’s always important to plan what we are going to do but also to improvise if something it’s not going as we thought. I only missed to dig deeper in some nutritional facts in our meals, thank you and good work!

  17. Guys, thanks for all your efforts!
    The manual is very useful for me, especially in planning the seasonal training.

    All the best from Romania!

  18. I have been a recreational skimo racer for a few years now. After reading the Skimo Manual and applying the training methods, I feel ready to tackle some longer races. The book was helpful in providing not only knowledge but motivation to get out there and train! I really enjoyed the sections showing technique and drills. Thanks so much guys!

  19. I’ve skied a lot when I was a kid and stopped when it was time for me to pay for my tickets! Tried again as an adult and found skiing a bit boring. Well, I liked going downhill but did not like the chairlifts lineups and freezing in the them. I’ve always been a runner and for a few years more a trail runner and discovered, thru Kilian Jornet’s movies, ski mountaineering. There was not much in Quebec so I started inquiring (thanks Internet!) and found a few races not too far. Decided to make the jump an invest in skimo equipment. Once equipped, I started to look on how to skimo and found my answer in the Manual for ski Mountaineering racing! Thanks to Stano and Eric, I practiced my transitions and some techniques and managed not to look like a fool at my first race.

    Thank you both for taking the time to write this. I still use it often as a reminder, especially now, in the pre-season.

    Highly recommended!


  20. It was pretty much exactly one year ago when you were in Valemount and you told us about the book you were working on, so great to see it come to fruition!
    Big congrats!! I can’t wait to see it!

  21. Thanks fellas! …super informative and well organized. I’m working with a couple of juniors and this is a fantastic tool.

  22. Been AT skiing for several years in Vermont, self-taught and basically clueless about the sport, the right technique, training, gear and the amazing international racing tour — until a friend recommended this fantastic book! Written by one of the top SkiMo racers in North America, it’s given me a real understanding of the sport, what I should do to train, practice and progress, with great photos and super helpful video demos and race coverage, much more than in a regular book. Now got enough of a clue to train smarter in the off-season, build speed and stamina, and can’t wait to get climbing higher and skiing harder in snow season!

  23. Thanks guys this is great!

  24. Sure wish I had this when I was new to the sport. Its a thick shot in the arm with allot of info that normally takes a whole career to learn. Nice work! I think if some north americans use this knowledge at an early enough age we might have a chance on those Euros.

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