The Revelstoke Steamer: do you have the legs?

Within backcountry skiing community, Revelstoke is well know for its location – being a base to endless adventure opportunities during the winter months. But being summer now, Revelstoke has something else up its sleeve.

The Revelstoke Steamer (not sure whether its an official name) is a brutal bike hill climb done as an individual time trial up the road to the summit of Mount Revelstoke.

The climb is 27km long and gains about 1600m vertically! Those are impressive numbers that easily compare this climb to any giant passes that are featured in Tour de France.

So, if you want to get your ski legs tested before the first snow falls then make sure to check out the event’s website and sign up.

The race itself will be held on September 13th, 2009. In person, you can find out more information at the Flowt Bikes and Skis store in Revelstoke.

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