SkinTrack: 2009 recap and 2010 plans

First of all, I want to wish all of you all the best in 2010. And right after that, I really want to thank all of you for reading SkinTrack articles and for your input through your comments. It is much valued and makes future writing that much more enjoyable.

Skinning up for one of many great runs in December 2010 at Rogers Pass. (Image cropped from Reiner Thoni's photo.)

Skinning up for one of many great runs in December 2010 at Rogers Pass. (Image cropped from Reiner Thoni's photo.)

When I set on to create the SkinTrack website I had a good idea of what value it can bring to our backcountry skiing and skimo racing community.

This idea first occurred about 2 years ago. From there on it was often a ‘go’ and a ‘no go’ project for various reasons, mainly lack of time and also some laziness as I often got sidetracked.

Now, it is January 2nd 2010 and the website has been running for four months. Within that time 37 articles were published on various topics. The ones that got most comments and got read the most seem to be about gear or ski mountaineering racing.

Within that time we all had some good discussions and valuable information exchanges. In a sport (skimo racing) and an activity (bc skiing) that can’t count on big money sponsors or big media exposure it is great to have a platform to learn, discuss and share. I learned a lot myself and I hope so did you.

And one of the last things that happened in 2009 on SkinTrack was its first ever contest. BTW, the contest is still open for few more days, so if you haven’t submitted your favorite skin track photo yet there is still some time.

What is in the kitchen for 2010?

Personally, I don’t make New Year resolutions and I didn’t make any for SkinTrack either. I always make plans and goals year round, just not when the society asks me to ;)

Therefore, future SkinTrack topics are long prepared and I will make a great effort to stick to them all, so you will be able to enjoy them too.

Topics and some of the plans in the SkinTrack kitchen include these:

  • to show more people the beauty of backcountry skiing
  • to expose you to some very interesting people you don’t read much about
  • to attract more people to skimo racing in North America
  • to provide you with world class race tips, some from the highest caliber athletes
  • to motivate you to find your own goals within your ski mountaineering activities

Along the website plans I have some personal ones too: As a member of the Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team I will be flying to Europe to attend some of the finest races in our sport – most notably the World Championships and Pierra Menta. I intend to vigorously inform you about the World racing scene once there.

And besides racing, I also enjoy very much relaxing backcountry skiing and interesting ski mountaineering projects. I mean, it is the other way since I would be always bc skiing regardless of racing or not.

So with a passion for anything related skiing freely through endless mountains I hope, in 2010, to complete some of my old goals as well as be part of new adventures and meet new friends.

Wish you all the best in 2010 and beyond,


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  1. Good luck, all of you, Canadian skimo racers in 2010. I wish I could be in Europe and cheer you up…

  2. Thanks Stano really priceless resource you have created not just for Canada but for North America and the world… To be honest as far as skimo goes there is no other site on the net that is this interactive and information rich!

  3. I’m looking forward to it Stano!

  4. Thank you guys for your thank yous. I have some good content lined up for 2010, so we should all learn a lot of new stuff.

  5. Stano,

    Thank you for a great site.

  6. Thank-you Stan and Happy New Year. SkinTrack is something that the Canadian bc ski and skimo racing community has been hungry for and in need of. For years I would see these kinds of sites and think “look at all these losers sitting in front of their computers ‘blogging’ while I am out enjoying the backcountry”. Now I know better. Discussion (heated at times) can not only make our bc experiences more enjoyable but sometimes even safer. And SkinTrack will do wonders for the popularity of skimo racing here in Canada. Again, thanks and keep up the good (hard) work.

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