10 Last-Minute Skimo Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas is quickly approaching and skimo athletes can be notoriously difficult to shop for. To help you out, we’ve got a gift list that you can send to your significant other and let them surprise you from there on :)

Below are our choices for the best stuff to get this Christmas in order from cheap to “you must really love them” more expensive items:

SWIX CH8 Ski Wax - $14 CAD

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Everyone needs ski wax. It’s cheap and you can always use more. CH8 is a solid bet for the majority of conditions out there. A small package will only set you back a few bucks. If you really want to get fancy, look around for the new Marathon High-Flouro wax from Swix.

CAMP G Comp Wind Gloves – $49 USD

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While CAMP is known for their hard goods, they actually make a surprising number of really nice apparel items. Gloves can be a difficult decision for racing – too thin and you get cold fingers, too thick and you lose dexterity and fumble with equipment. The CAMP G glove is on the thin end of the spectrum and best used in warmer races or for spring skiing.

SWIX Wax Iron – $54 USD

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If you are waxing, you’ll need an iron. Stop using your mom’s old iron and get a decent Swix unit. The extra-thick baseplate makes for uniform heat output and reduces your chances of melting your bases.

Dynafit Mercury Gloves – $64 USD

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When temps drop and the wind kicks up, having a good pair of insulated gloves is critical. The Mercury retains dexterity while adding Primaloft insulation. These are what you will pull out of your pack at 14,000 ft when the wind kicks up on a cold day.

CAMP Speed Comp Helmet 2.0 – $119 USD

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Nothing says “I love you” like head injury prevention. Racers looking to compete internationally now need dual-certified helmets and the CAMP Speed Comp 2.0 is the least mushroom-shaped of the current options.

Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 Skins – $144 USD

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No one can have too many skins. If you race a lot, you wear out skins. Buy the kit and you don’t have to bother trying to create your own tip system. Pomoca is the best you can get and they keep improving with each version.

Plum Race 170 Binding – $467 USD

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Adjustable race bindings are awesome. When your race boot and training boot have different sole lengths, an adjustable heel piece makes it so you can swap boots and skis as needed. The Plum unit is simple and easy to use but isn’t much heavier than a regular race binding.

Movement Vertex-X Skis – $549 USD (on sale)

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There is nothing like having a pair of true ski mountaineering skis – those that fit between your race and powder setups. Movement Vertex-X, at 84mm width, is superbly light for its size yet a very reliable downhill machine.

Movement Race Pro 66 Skis – $1,099 CAD

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If you really want to blow someone away, a new pair of race skis is the ticket. Movement is famous for light touring skis and they are applying their successful know-how to their skimo racing platform as well. Check these out.

Fischer AlpAttack Skis – $849 USD

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The new AlpAttack is as light as they come and has a redesigned tail to make them easier to slot into a backpack, making for faster transitions. Highly recommended item!

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