New Fischer AlpAttack skimo race skis and bindings

Fischer, an Austrian company founded in 1924, has a long history of alpine and nordic skiing gear manufacturing. And for the next season they are looking at revitalizing their ski touring and skimo racing line up with some exciting new products.

Here, let’s take a look at their lightest gear offerings.

Fischer AlpAttack skis.

Fischer AlpAttack 65 skis.

The above Fischer Alp Attack skis will use their new Air Tec technology which “leaves” material where it’s needed and shaves it off where it’s not.

The Air Tec wood core has been given an elaborate, offset milled structure which, on the one hand, makes the core 25% lighter and, on the other hand maintains the outstanding ski performance: both flex and torsion remain the same. – from Fischer website

The weight for the AlpAttack skis should be 650g for the 160cm model. That means that if you combine them with Pierre Gignoux (now also Dynafit) Ultimate Pack bindings you will be under the legal ISMF limit of 750g for ski + binding for men! Perhaps, the limit will need to be reevaluated very soon.

And here is something interesting – the new Fischer skimo race bindings. However, if you take a close look, these are just a re-branded version of ATK SL-R bindings which makes them the same as Hagan ZR bindings, which I am currently using.

Fischer skimo race bindings.

Fischer skimo race bindings.

Hagan ZR bindings.

Hagan ZR bindings. Photo from

To read more on next season’s new skimo racing equipment see this article from last week - Exciting Look at New SkiMo Gear Introduced at Recent Trade Shows.

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  1. I had a pair of these and snapped one skiing on some moguls. After reading several blogs and websites, it seems that this is a common problem. I bought these brand new with skins from someone online so unfortunately I couldn’t get any one to replace them. Tried contacting Fischer and got nowhere.

  2. Jimmy, thanks for the specs.
    That would bring them under the current ISMF weight limit for a combined ski + binding weight for men which is 750g. However, ISMF will be lowering some of their weight limits in next few months.

  3. We are fortunate enough to have the skis in the shop right now for demo. I weighed them on our scale (which, yes I calibrated to the .01g). The ski is 637g and the binding is 108g. For a total ski/binding weight of 745g. They are certainly very light.

  4. ok….duh, just re-read your copy. Next season. I want a pair.

  5. Stano, Those skis look cool. Are they next year’s model or 2014? Any idea of price?

  6. every one is re-branding the ATK- Movement is coming out with one next year also.
    I am not sure if it strengthens of weakens brands…

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