Are skimo boots too expensive? Brief look at recent history of pricing and performance of the lightest ski mountaineering boots


Since I am currently shopping for new light skimo boots I am developing a severe case of PSC (price sensitivity condition) so today I set out to … [Read more...]

Exclusive interview with Max Taam and John Gaston: On training, gear and life with a team that dominated the 2013 US skimo racing circuit

John Gaston (left) and Max Taam holding on to the lead in teams at 2013 Wasatch Powder Keg.

There must have been very few people in the skimo racing community that would have picked Max Taam and John Gaston to dominate last season’s … [Read more...]

Why you don’t need new very light gear right away, and my skimo gear progress


In recent months I have received couple of questions about my ski mountaineering racing gear, specifically, how I lightened up over the years. To give … [Read more...]

Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest Review: For runs when you need more than just a water bottle

Scrambling Rainbow Mountain.

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest quick overview: Usual full price: $124.94 USD Weight: 368 g with 2 UD bottles Cost per … [Read more...]

First Tracks – Oct 2nd!

Bootpack to the summit ridge.

The Coast has been getting pounded with rain in the valley and snow in the alpine so I snuck out for a morning of skiing near Cypress Peak. We have … [Read more...]

Interview with founder Jason Borro: “Weight is a handicap on freedom”


Stano: First of all, congrats on opening Skimo Co - North America’s first absolutely specialized light skimo gear online store! Jason: … [Read more...]

Suunto Ambit 2 Review: Multi-sport altimeter GPS watch with heart-rate functionality

On Castle Towers: Shows data (HR & Time) display.

Suunto Ambit 2 quick overview: Usual full price: $550.00 USD Weight: 82-92 g depending on the model (mine is 89g for the watch + HR belt … [Read more...]