Jan 12, 2013: New skimo race in Canada, at Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain ski mountaineering race

On January 12th, Castle Mountain Resort in the SW corner of Alberta will host its first ever ski mountaineering race. (Google map) Courses and … [Read more...]

How to minimize effects of altitude on skimo racing performance – Tips for acclimatization for competition at altitude


When we sling on our pack for a ski traverse or strap down our boots for a ski mountaineering race we rarely think about the effect altitude will have … [Read more...]

Canadian Skimo Racing Calendar for 2012-13 season

This is a schedule of Canadian ski mountaineering races for this season. Great news is that the calendar will see a completely new event at a new … [Read more...]

The ultimate race for fresh powder tracks: Time is (not) on our side


What if there is a place on Earth where the powder paradise lays exactly in the middle between two very powder-hungry communities? And what if one of … [Read more...]

Skimo Canada December Snow Camp at Rogers Pass

This report was written by Stano and Brad Schalles whom you can follow on Twitter as @bschalles and via his WestCoast Skimo blog. Both are National … [Read more...]

Facts and Results from Vert180 2012 skimo race

As usual, the Vert180 was a great start to Canadian skimo racing season. Some took it by the horns and went full out in the solo category while others … [Read more...]