Canadian team summer skimo training camp – Revelstoke, Sep 15-16, 2012


Since 2009 Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team have been meeting every September for our summer training camp. Previous camps were usually … [Read more...]

Steve Sellers interview: Skimo racing is the ultimate skiing challenge!

Steve (in red cap) with part of the Canadian team atop Mt Cheops in Rogers Pass, BC. Photo from Brad Schalles (Sep 15, 2012).

The world of ski mountaineering racing is full of unique characters, and arguably the Canadian and the American skimo scenes are responsible for … [Read more...]

25min documentaries from Pierra Menta 2012 and Tour du Rutor 2012

Every two or three years we get great documentaries that capture the beautiful essence of our sport. Usually, they are from skimo's two biggest stage … [Read more...]