5 important things: New ISMF ski mountaineering competition rules for 2012-2013 season

2012-2013 ISMF rules & regulations

This is a brief look at some important points and changes that you can find inside the recently approved (June 23, 2012) ISMF ski mountaineering … [Read more...]

Hiko-run to Tomyhoi Peak via Yellow Aster Butte, WA

Running Tomyhoi Peak and Yellow Aster Butte

Just wanted to share an amazing spot for hiking and mountain running, or hiko-running. Spectacular views and mostly soft trails all day long. All you … [Read more...]

Hiko-run: Skimo racer’s best summer friend

hiko-run explained

In the previous article on rando skimo racing summer training I talked about "bread and butter" - the benefits and importance of endurance base … [Read more...]